Mummy Deals Back to School Drive 8/24/09

A few months ago I got paid to buy a product from a store. Legally. By combining coupons and sales I managed to take something home with me that I ended up making money on. “So, what was this all important purchase?” I hear you cry. “Why none other than hemorrhoid cream!” *Insert chuckles of disbelief here* While I was delighted to make money on the product ($5 for 10 minutes of work is a good salary for a stay at home Mum) what in the world was I going to do with it? Although I really wanted to gift wrap it and give it to an unsuspecting friend for a baby shower gift, I decided that there was only one thing for it and a local nursing home could put it to good use.

Over the past few years since I’ve been getting most of our toiletries for free, I’ve amassed a good amount of shampoos and toothpaste. But after all 2 people can only use so much conditioner! The draw of the free thing makes me want to go and get the item but the fact that I can donate it to something I believe in makes it all the more worthwhile.

As I checked out at Menards last week the cashier asked me, “Is this all for you or are you donating it?” I looked down at the 6 backpacks and mounds of school supplies and let her know that I just had an 18 month old. She then informed me that during Katrina lots of people came and got the free after rebate items to donate. This made me so excited as I really don’t want to become a hoarder but rather a giver on a budget. On one income there’s no way we could write checks for certain organizations but by donating free things we’re helping out.

It’s for that reason that I want to invite you all out to the Mummy Deals Back to School Drive next Monday August 24th at John’s Pizzeria in Dyer. I am soooooooooooo excited about this event as are my GREAT, AWESOME, AMAZING crew of helpers who pulled this whole thing together at very short notice. Special shoutout to: Katie, Kara, Tina, Lori, Laurie, April, and Nicole.

WHEN: Monday August 24th at 6pm
WHERE: John’s Pizzeria, 1209 Sheffield Avenue, Dyer, IN 46311
WHAT: A Mummy Deals Back to School Drive. There’ll be pizza, door prizes, and fun all while donating to a GREAT cause: kids who need school supplies! We’ll be giving the donations through Living Word Church to their back to school program. Feel free to bring a friend (OR TWO!) as the more the merrier. Bring your coupons, we can have a little coupon swap too. Whatever. Just come!
COST: Admission is $5 plus a back to school item donation or two or three.
GENEROUSLY SPONSORED BY: John’s Pizzeria, Avon – Kara Graper, Lia Sophia – Derya O’Keefe and Office Depot.

If you would like to sponsor a door prize, please let me know ASAP.


  1. sounds fun! I want to go. I have some school supplies too. Hopefully I can make it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I live in Schererville & have 4 kids. I an unemployed & am haven't started getting child support yet. How can I get help with school supplies for my kids? We live in Schererville. Thanks & God Bless. Mom

  3. Anonymous says:

    It was very thoughtful of you to donate your free hemorrhoid cream to a nursing home, but I need to let your readers know that in some states these types of products need to come directly from a pharmacy. So please double-check before you head over to your local nursing home with a donation!

  4. Clair, does the Pizzeria have a drop box for the school supplies? I will be in Schererville on Saturday, but doubt that I can make out to Dyer on Monday as well 🙁 As much as I would love to see you and enjoy the time, 2 trips in a row is quite far. Though, I would like to contribute. If there is a drop box, I would be more than happy to swing some items by 🙂 Lemme know 🙂

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