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Happy Monday Friends! Hopefully most of you are getting better weather than I am but I’m not sure. Typical Chicago, cold then hot, cold then hot. Snow then rain…..lahlah! Anyway, just wanted to explain:

Things have been spotty around here (ie 3 posts one day, 15 the next) because I’ve been a little busy at home. My emails go out between 1-3pm and sometimes I get to post in the morning (then you get a bunch) and sometimes a certain 2 year old Monkey wants to play and so I post during his nap (that’s when you get just a couple!) So if you’re anxious for the deals that day, check the site. :>)

Secondly today is usually freebie Monday but there’s so many online deals that I’m trying to round all those up for you first. Granny’s Deals will be coming tomorrow.

Finally, some of you (including me) have been having problems with photos in your email covering the text. When Blogger changed a couple of months ago it really knocked all that out of whack and I think that’s what was going on. I’ve switched back to the old way so hopefully within the next couple of days we should be sorted. Could you holler if the mess is cleaned up on your end please?! Thanks!

Have a fabdabuloso week!

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