Mummy Brain Results

I asked readers when they’d ever had a Mummy Brain moment here.
I only got a couple of responses but wanted to share them:

Candice said, “I have those on a daily basis. I think today at least three times I walked into a room only to forget what I was going to do.”

Carolyn said, “I have two young boys and they had kept me up one night late so when I had gotten up the next morning I was completely exhausted. I got dressed for the day and about 20 minutes later as I was walking downstairs when I realized I had on 3 shirts and no pants! Don’t even ask me how I pulled that one off. Two of the shirts were ‘scrubs’ and you would have thought I would have noticed all the bulkiness!”

This is mine – We reached Lexington, TN and I decided to change my clothes so that when we arrived we could go straight out to dinner. It was then I realized that I’d brought Isaac’s and Tim’s clothes and left mine at home! I figured maybe I needed to learn to chip off a little pride so I wore the sweats I travelled down in all weekend and just washed my clothes at night!!!

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