Mum – I Hope You’re Not Reading!

Although a lot of the stuff on the site doesn’t apply, my Mum still faithfully reads this blog. Maybe she’s hoping for more piccies of IJ or just a way to connect with what I’m doing. Maybe secretly she’s thrilled that the journalism schooling she paid for has paid off. Ok, so that’s not so secret! Anyhoo, this post is one that I’m hoping she’s not reading. No, Miss Tina, this isn’t one where I show you how to get free condom samples!! You see, my Mum jokes that I never pitch stuff. That I’m so frugal that we even eat expired stuff. Every time she comes she empties my fridge of old salad dressings (when Hubby doesn’t eat salads how’s a girl to eat a whole bottle on her own before it expires?!) and the like. This time she was proud and there was nothing to be ashamed of. But then yesterday she left and I’m homesick and that oh so inviting packet of ginger biscuits was calling out my name this afternoon. I brewed some English tea and settled down to chomp on them realising that they expired………………….August 2008. Would you? Would you? You know you would and you know I did and the strangest thing? They tasted no worse for the wear and I feel less homesick.

PS Anyone who can identify what Hubby and I had just finished watching in the above piccie gets a brownie point. Just the one though, I’m running low!

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