Motorcycle Diaper Cake With Instructions

Motorbike Diaper Cake

For years I’ve made a diaper cake to take to a Baby Shower but when I went to one recently I found this Motorcycle Diaper Cake online and just had to try make it! If you’re looking for a unique gift for a baby shower I’d highly recommend this one so here is How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake complete with photos and directions so that even the crafty challenge (red: me!) can impress family and friends!

Motorcycle Diaper Cake Materials

  • Regular pack of diapers (around 30) I don’t ever take a newborn size as you don’t need many of those if at all but I’ve found that the most used is size 2 diapers so I made mine using those.
  • 2 large rubber bands
  • Thick ribbon and pins
  • Bib
  • Bottle
  • Stuffed animal {if you can ask for the Mom’s favorite childhood stuffed animal this would be ideal!}
  • 2 Receiving blankets
  • Baby link/hook
  • Round cake pan to help you form it.

Are you ready for the cuteness? Then rev your engines and make this Motorcycle Diaper Cake a reality!

Motorbike Diaper Cake

1) Place some diapers (I started with around 10) in the cake pan and start moving them to form a circle.

Motorbike Diaper Cake

2) I found the easiest way was to hold a “hole” in the middle and form around that until a wheel forms.  You want it really tight so that when everyone passes it around at the baby shower {like they did at the one I gave it at}, one wheel doesn’t fall apart {like it did at the one I gave it at!}  Keep using the pan to help it form a circle.


3) Once you have a wheel {it takes a little time of manipulating} then take the rubber band and place it around the outside of the wheel.  Hubs helped me for this part as it’s tricky.

Motorbike Diaper Cake

4) Ta-da, a Motorcycle Diaper Cake wheel!  Now make another!


Motorbike Diaper Cake


5) Once your wheels are done, pretty them up!  If you know the gender of the baby use ribbon to match.  Basically you’re trying to cover the rubber bands and pretty it up.  Tack in place with a couple of pins going sideways into the diapers.

Motorbike Diaper Cake

6) Take one receiving blanket and fold it lengthwise until it’s a thin long piece.

Motorbike Diaper Cake

7) Poke the receiving blanket through the Motorcycle Diaper Cake wheels and then fold the piece back on itself to create a circle.  Took it into the wheel to get it to stay.

Motorbike Diaper Cake

8) Fold the other receiving blanket until it’s long and thin and now go through the front tire and pull it upwards so that the circle is through the tire and you have loose ends on top.

9) Take the baby link and secure the loose ends with it, pushing down.

10) As you are pulling the link down to secure, place the baby bottle under it and on top of the tire to form the Motorcycle Diaper Cake headlight.  {this may take 2 people too!}

Motorbike Diaper Cake

11) Put the bib on around the front so it looks like a mud flap.

12) Add the stuffed animal and voila, a Motorcycle Diaper Cake!

What’s your favorite thing to take to a Baby Shower?


  1. What a great idea for a gift! I’m not that creative and I usually just buy things to give as gifts. Anyone who’ll receive this will surely appreciate the effort because it’s unique and it’s so cute. I’ll try to make one of these the next time I go to a baby shower.


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