Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is May 13 this year and you’ve still got time to wow her with a great Mother’s Day gift. If you’ve just had that “ah-ha” moment then panic not! Not only am I a Mum myself but I’m a frugal girl too and know things Moms like that won’t destroy your budget including a great poem about Mother.

Firstly don’t get all crazy thinking she’ll only like an expensive gift. Moms like two things: not having to do anything and relaxation and if you can give her either of those things then you’ve hit the nail on the head!

1) Gift certificates for a local salon will always be greeted warmly but make sure you think it through. The best treat for a Mom is not only to get the gift but to have someone offer to watch the kids while she goes and also to plan the time. If you’re buying it for your spouse, check her calendar, make an appointment and then give her the gift. Moms are often so busy thinking of others that having someone take charge is always a treat.

2) The local beauty salon training center shouldn’t be overlooked. I love the fact that for just $9 I can get a basic facial done which is way less than I’d pay at a regular salon and the people training there are usually just a few months away from getting their license.

3) If you’ve got an ALDI near you, then you’re in luck. As well as being a cheap place to get groceries, they have great deals on flowers. For just $3.99 you can get half a dozen roses and don’t worry about them being old: One time mine lasted 2 weeks!

4) Gift Baskets are beautiful but often costs upwards of $50 for a nice one. Instead, make a themed one for Mom with items that she’d really like, purchase an inexpensive basket from a local homestore and fill it with fun items tailored just to her.

5) For a unique gift that the kids can give to Mom, I put together a candy bar Mother’s Day Poem using only 6 candy bars that can be purchased inexpensively and it’s easy to make.

6) Finally, one that will really wow any Mom is these Oreo Flower Pops  made from oreos and melted chocolate with jelly beans for decoration.

And for what not to get? I don’t care what any woman tells you: nobody but nobody really wants any kitchen or cleaning-related item for our special day!

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