Mother’s Day Craft For Kids – Love Messages


Are you looking for a Mother’s Day Craft for kids to make for Grandma? I saw these love messages a while back at my friend Meghan’s house {Hi Meg!} and knew I’d make it at some point and then I realized: it’s a great Grandma gift!

Love messages are a great way to say I love you and using a dry erase marker means you can make a note…..and erase….and another…and another. I know many of us don’t live with Grandparents but I thought how fun it would be to put it in a place in their house which was in the open and then secretly change it every time we went over. You could ask your kids what to write if they’re not old enough and then write it down. I was just trying to think of something cute for Grandma that the kids could make.

How to Make Love Messages

  • One simple photo frame. I bought mine from the dollar store.
  • Scrapbooking paper.
  • Dry erase marker.
  • Permanent or regular marker
  1. Simply open up the frame and cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the frame.
  2. Write on there, “we love you because….” Handwritten notes from kids would be super cute.
  3. Now put the paper back in the frame and you can write on the front with a dry erase marker.
  4. Next time you’re at Grandma’s, hide the frame somewhere and leave a sentimental notes from the kiddos and it’ll melt her heart!



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