More Menards Freebies thru 4/19/09

There’s a bunch more freebies at Menards this week. I just knew it and I just spent all my Menards money!!!
  • Tarp free after $1.75 MIR. Limit 2.
  • Wheel cleaner free after $3 MIR. Limit 1.
  • Irwin snap blade utility knife free after $4 MIR. Limit 2.
  • Flashlight free after $6 MIR. Limit 2.
  • Mini padlock 2-pk free after $2 MIR. Limit 2.
  • Jar air freshener free after $1 MIR. Limit 5.
Still Available:
  • Glass wipes FREE after $3 MIR Limit 1.
  • Rain-x wash and wax FREE after $3 MIR. Limit 2.
If you had no idea Menards had a rebate program or want to learn more first, check out my Menards 411 here.

What to do with all this free stuff from Menards?

* Donate paint brushes and other supplies to Habitat for Humanity.
* Collect tools and put them in a toolbox that you can give to your kids when they get older. It would make a great leaving house gift. (ie, your Dad isn’t just gonna come and fix it for you! LOL!)
* Give a bunch of free tools as a bridal shower gift (more to the groom!) or a house warmer.

Wondering where your rebate is? Track it here.


  1. Pleated air filters are $.99/each after $1 rebate. You can use these w/ bungee cords and a box fan to dry your own herbs (Alton Brown’s method). Thanks for the deals!

  2. Ok quick question…how long will my Menards rebates take to start arriving?! Patience is not a virtue;)
    and also what will they look like? Does it tell me on the card how much that card is worth?

    So far I think I am due back around $70 but am loathe to spend any more without starting to see these rebates back. (I know I could track it BUT oooppppsss I misplaced the first couple receipts)

  3. Angela

    It takes about 4-6 weeks and it is a postcard. U can track them without a receipt at the site I listed by typing in your name and addy

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