More freebies and some coupons

* Go here for a sample of the Starbucks VIA ready brew coffee. Thanks, Lynda!!

* Free 1oz lotion from Victoria’s Secret instore. Coupon here. Thanks, Lisa D!

Good Coupons
$.50 off Halls coupon here.
$1 off Suave here and here. This week it’s at Ultra for 12/$10 deal so it’d be a moneymaker!!!

If you find a good internet coupon, please email me! I don’t always get to search! Oh wait, scratch that, I rarely get to search anymore!!!!!! LOL!


  1. Clair you are so funny…and human and helpful and loving toward your God and family. Hang in there! My youngest is 19 and in college 🙂 and :(. Enjoy him while he’s young!


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