Moneymaker at CVS!!

Dry Idea deodorant has been spotted in a WI CVS for $1.19 which combined with the $2.00 Dry Idea coupons found here makes them MONEY MAKERS!! Thanks, Carolyn for this tip! I gotta check my CVS. Please leave a location in the comment section if you find one at your CVS.


  1. Meichelle says:

    Darn, I wish there was a CVS here in Utah. 🙁

  2. Anonymous says:

    The CVS on Ridge Road in Highland, Indiana had Dry Idea for $1.12!!

  3. Heidi Goodall says:

    Ok So I found the Dry Idea, here in Valpo, I bought 2 because I had 2 coupons. They were $1.12 each and each coupon was for $2.00. So at the end I owed $.16 for tax. The coupons were credited for $2.00 and $.24, So I’m not complaining but I thought you said CVS gives you the change back on the coupon? Would I have been better off only giving one coupon getting $2.00 credited towards the purchsse and saving my other one for future deals and then paying the $.40 OOP (.24+.16)? Thanks Heidi

  4. Heidi – They won’t give you change so next time buy something else so taht the something else is free. HTH! Clair

  5. Nichole (thechocoholic) says:

    I’ve had CVS NOT give my overage twice lately (but other times has gone same as it used to always do). Once was on a clearance toothbrush, coupon only took off price it was on sale for. Once was buying the Glucerna cerals, 2 with 2 $5-off coupons… it took $5 off on one, and on the 2nd only took off the “balance” so that they were free but no overage. Both times I was buying other items and was (sadly) nowhere near being at $0.00. I don’t know what the difference is and why it doesn’t always “work” now.

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