Did You Miss Me?


  • A lady came up to me at a local garage sale this summer and asked why I wasn’t blogging.
  • A friend asked me when I quit shortly after.
  • A week ago another lady I’d not met told me she missed my emails.

Ruh roh, I had NO clue! So apparently some of you haven’t been getting emails for a while thanks to Google Feedburner. All the time I’ve been blogging and nobody knew, LOL! So I wanted to let you know I missed you too and I’m here!

I may be doing lots of crazy oil things (my passion, see above photo!) but I’m still blogging Slow Cooker recipes, fun crafts and more ideas. So to let ya know I missed ya look out for some GREAT GIVEAWAYS coming up!


  1. Michelle Hurst says:

    I did miss you! So happy to be getting your emails again!

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