Menu Planning Tips for Beginners

As we head into the new year many of us can use a a reminder of what goes into meal planning. Whether you are starting for the first time or have taken a break from it for the holiday’s it never hurts to see some basics written down. Meal planning can be super easy for everyone to do. The biggest tip to remember with meal planning is to not get carried away and that you have to find what works for your family.

Menu Planning Tips for Beginners - Mummy Deals

Menu Planning Tips for Beginners

A reader, Laurie emailed this helpful hint:

“Here is a tip that I did when I first started making weekly menu plans. This is good for people that don’t think they can cook or think they dont have many ideas which was me! I took a spiral notebook and on different sheets, I put the headers of: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Non-Meat Dinners, Soups, Tex-Mex, Italian, etc. Then on each sheet, I wrote down everything that I knew how to make or that I knew I could learn easily from dh who loves to cook. This was a good starting point because I got a little more confidence because now I could see that I actually did know how to cook a little. I did know how to make a few items in each catagory and then as I did the week’s meal plan, I could pick a meal from each page/category so we would have good variety.

Now we know what we are having which means less stress for the family and we save lots of money on not eating out. Also, now that I am couponing better and getting some small stockpiles going of frozen meats from sales, I can do a 2nd weeks meal plan around leftovers and from stuff in the freezer! Meal plans and bargain shopping just evolved into me only having to go to a big grocery store run only 2x per month which is awesome because Little Miss 19 month old is no fun at the grocery store!

Thanks, Laurie! Anyone else have any meal planning success stories to share?

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