Menards: Unadvertised Deals Make Great Free Gifts

I do so love an unadvertised clearance deal! A couple of people had mentioned this one at Menards but given no specifics so this afternoon I grabbed a few minutes to run out!

Menards always has great deals going on Crayola stuff, even some freebies and right now they’ve got one item that I think would make a great gift. Don’t call me cheap, please just frugal! Anyway, here’s the scoop:

Beginnings Creativity Center $8
Receive $8 back after MIR
Final Price: Free
Limit 2
Expires 5/31/10

Crayola Total Tools $2
Receive $2 back after MIR
Final Price: Free
Limit 10
Expires 5/31/10
PS These would be perfect for Easter baskets or my fave great cause: Operation Christmas Child.

If you had no idea Menards had a rebate program or want to learn more first, check out my Menards 411 here.

What to do with all this free stuff from Menards?

  1. Donate paint brushes and other supplies to Habitat for Humanity.
  2. Collect tools and put them in a toolbox that you can give to your kids when they get older. It would make a great leaving house gift. (ie, your Dad isn’t just gonna come and fix it for you! LOL!)
  3. Give a bunch of free tools as a bridal shower gift (more to the groom!) or a house warmer.

Get more ideas Wondering where your rebate is? Track it here


  1. I will say we got the Beginnings Creativity Center for my son and it sucked. I wouldn't waste my money even if it is free. =(

  2. Do you know how they validate the $10min purchase? Should I return? Didn't realize rebate form said $10 purchase required?

  3. We were at Menards on Saturday, and I grabbed the maximum number of "Free" Crayola stuff… will make great Easter gifts for my kids!

  4. Yes you do have to buy a minimum of $10 non rebate items to get the free items but they have everything at Menards the milk is even cheaper than Wal-marts. I use the rebates for so much they are so easy and I send in more than one thing in the same envelope. I do sugest circling the number of items bought, they have accidently only sent be back 3 or something instead of 4.

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