Menards Freebies

Wow, this has to be the worst piccie ever on the blog so lemme tell you what I got for free:
10 gift bags
2 x 3 roll tape
5 candles

Ok, so I had to spend $10 out of pocket as these things were on rebate but still all stuff I can use for free and hubby can always find $10 worth of stuff to buy at Menards!

How to do it? Have you ever done Menards rebates before? If not, pop over here first. Then,

* Buy Hallmark assorted giftbags at $.75. Limit 10.
Apply for Rebate #6560. 11/21 – 12/31/08

* Buy Duck Invisible Tape 3 pack at $2. Limit 2.
Apply for rebate #6547. 11/21 – 12/7/08.

* Buy 3.5oz jar candles at $1.25. Limit 5.
Apply for rebate #6553. 11/21 – 12/7/08

ONE WORD TO THE WISE – Each year it seems that Menards has tape for free so I never have to buy any to wrap gifts.


  1. ok…i’ve got mine! those candles will make great sunday school teacher gifts…for some reason i forget to check menards…..thanks for the heads up!!

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