Menards FREE Items Through 10/2/11

Menards offers FREE items most weeks. Their free items do require an additional $10 purchase but this can include a gift card.

If none of these appeal to you then would you consider doing it for me for local charities? Just leave in one of our drop boxes.

Oh my stars, there are another 10 FREE items to grab making it a total of 15 right now!  Wow!  Never done Menards MIR? now is the time to try!  Here are the best deals I see through october 2, 2011.  The other 5 I listed are good through 9/25/11.

  1. Lifetime ultracaulk FREE after $3.50 MIR. Limit 24.
  2. Extension Cord Lock FREE after $.75. Limit 4
  3. spot Chomp FREE after $4 MIR. Limit 2
  4. Moldex Deep Stain remover FREE after $10 MIR. Limit 4.
  5. utility mat FREE after $5 MIR. Limit 2
  6. 7″ poly rafter square FREE after $2.50 MIR. Limit 2
  7. Mini storage bin FREE after $.50 MIR. limit 10
  8. 14: plastic mud pan FREE after $4 MIR. Limit 2
  9. Broadloom mat 18″ x 24″ FREE after $1.50 MIR. Limit 5.
  10. Design Book FREE after $3 MIR. Limit 2.
  11. 8 pack Rubbermaid TakeAlongs $1 after $3 MIR. Limit 2 8 packs.
  12. Glass cleaner $1 after $2 MIR. Limit 2
  13. 1 gallon Peak antifreeze and coolant $4 after $3 MIR. Limit 2.

If you had no idea Menards had a rebate program or want to learn more first, check out my Menards 411.

What to do with all this free stuff from Menards?What to do with all this free stuff from Menards?

  • Donate paint brushes and other supplies to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Collect tools and put them in a toolbox that you can give to your kids when they get older. It would make a great leaving house gift. (ie, your Dad isn’t just gonna come and fix it for you! LOL!)
  • Give a bunch of free tools as a bridal shower gift (more to the groom!) or a house warmer.

Wondering where your rebate is? Track it here


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