Menards Deals Thru 12/6/09: FIVE Freebies!

I’m loving Menards right now. True I’ve always loved them and it’s simply my FAVE place to hit on Black Friday (yup, who knew Menards had toys??!!!) Anyhoo this week there’s more goodies to be had that I’m ready for.


  • 3-pk tape FREE after $2.50 MIR. Limit 2 packs.
  • 20″ hand saw FREE after $10 MIR. Limit 2
  • 3oz candles FREE after $1.50 MIR. Limit 10!!!! Think friend/coworker gifts or stocking stuffers.
  • Crayola Total Tools markers FREE after $1 MIR. Limit 10. Thinking shoeboxes for next year!
  • 7 piece screwdriver set FREE after $3MIR. Limit 2.
Other Deals
  • Micro-plush blanket $4.99 after $5 MIR. Limit 3.
  • 20′ outdoor extension cord $.99 after $3 MIR. Limit 3.
  • Amazing gloves for oven $1.99 after $4 MIR. Limit 2.
  • Black & Decker coffee maker $19.99 after $10 MIR
  • Calendars $.99 after $3 MIR. Limit 4.
  • Sport’s team calendars $5.99 after $3 MIR. Limit 4.
  • Candle warmer $9.99 after $5 MIR. Limit 4.
  • Label dispenser $4.99 after $3 MIR. Limit 4.
  • Wire stripper/knife $4.99 after $5 MIR.
If you’re excuse for not doing Menards rebates is that you don’t know what to spend $10 on before rebate, how about a $10 Menards gift card? I found out from the reputable Hot Coupon World that that works and have tried it twice now and got my money back! So, no more excuses, go out and grab some FREEBIES!

If you had no idea Menards had a rebate program or want to learn more first, check out my Menards 411 here.

What to do with all this free stuff from Menards?

* Donate paint brushes and other supplies to Habitat for Humanity.
* Collect tools and put them in a toolbox that you can give to your kids when they get older. It would make a great leaving house gift. (ie, your Dad isn’t just gonna come and fix it for you! LOL!)
* Give a bunch of free tools as a bridal shower gift (more to the groom!) or a house warmer.

Get more ideas here. Wondering where your rebate is? Track it here.

If you’re new around here please stop by and enter to win $100 Target gift card here. It’s my way of saying welcome!!!

Gathering deals for the Grocery Gathering.


  1. I'm new to this. What does $1/50 MIR mean?

  2. Hey Rachel
    It means Mail in Rebate. Check out my Menards 411 for more scoopage!

  3. Thank you. It was the $1/50 part that confused me. Based on what I've found in Deal Seeking Mom's abbreviation guide, it looks like that means $1 off 50 items.

  4. Rachel

    I'm sooo sorry! Thats exactly what it means but was a typo! It was supposed to say (and now stands corrected) as $1.50.


  5. That's a MUCH better deal!

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