Menards Deals: 1 Freebie, Lots of Goodies Through 2/28/10

Well there’s only one freebie this week at Menards but lots of other good deals including some great gardening deals.

Vinyl mini blinds FREE after $2 MIR.  Limit 3.

Other Deals

  • Quaker State Oil $1.99 after $1 MIR. Limit 12.
  • Backrest or seat support $5 after $5 MIR.  Limit 6
  • Rag rug $.99 after $2 MIR. Limit 4
  • Stepstool $.98 after $3 MIR.  Limit 2
  • Soy candles $2.99 after $2 MIR.  Limit 1
  • Picture frames $1.99 after $1.50 MIR. Limit 6
  • Duct tape $.77 after $2 MIR. Limit 3.
  • Thermal socks 2 pack $.99 after $1 MIR.  Limit 4
  • 9 LED flashlight $.49 after $2 MIR. Limit 2
  • Jig-A-Loo lubricant $.99 after $1 MIR.  Limit 4

 Pampers wipes $1.98
Use $.50 off from PG 2/7/10
Final Price: $1.48

If you had no idea Menards had a rebate program or want to learn more first, check out my Menards 411 here.

What to do with all this free stuff from Menards?

* Donate paint brushes and other supplies to Habitat for Humanity.
* Collect tools and put them in a toolbox that you can give to your kids when they get older. It would make a great leaving house gift. (ie, your Dad isn’t just gonna come and fix it for you! LOL!)
* Give a bunch of free tools as a bridal shower gift (more to the groom!) or a house warmer.

Get more ideas Wondering where your rebate is? Track it here


  1. Frugal Tumbleweed Acres says:

    Ok, as a first timer. I have No idea what MIR stands for, will you enlighten me???? Thank you.

  2. It means "Mail In Rebate"

  3. MIR means Mail In Rebate

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