Menards 411

MENARDS has a good rebate program that I’ve been using for years and has helped us when we re-finished our basement to get most of our supplies for free or super cheap.

Here is a very simple step by step on how to do it that I wrote.

Every week in their sale flier, there are items available for great prices after sending in a rebate. Many are free after rebate (FAR), but they have a clause that you must spend $10 in non-rebate items to qualify for the free rebates. This clause does not affect items that are not FAR. Your rebate is only available in the form of a Menards “rebate check”, meaning you use it just as you would a gift card.

So, you go choose your items, and the first time you shop, you will pay full price Out of Pocket (OOP). Your receipt will have rebate receipts attached, and each will have a rebate number on it. Near the exit door, a counter has all the rebate forms in numerical order. Choose the ones you need. At home, fill out your forms (I use address labels so it takes one second each), address your envelope, put in the forms and rebate receipt and you are done. I don’t even have to cut out UPC’s. In about three weeks, your rebate “checks” should start coming in the mail.

The next time you shop, use the checks instead of cash, and depending on how much you spend, you can greatly reduce the chance of ever having to spend money OOP there again. If you do have to spend $10 to qualify for a free rebate item, this can also come from your checks.

Too Much Work? Consider this:

I’ve had a good amount of Menards money on a gift certificate for a couple of weeks now and have been waiting for some good freebies to use it on. Yesterday Hubs needed to grab some stuff for work so I sent him with a list! Although he forgot the batteries look at all the goodies we got:
2 x laundry detergent
2 x saver bags I needed
4 x paint brushes to donate
Total after rebates? $1.98 plus a little tax.

For those of you who’ve never done Menards rebates before I decided to time how long it took me to do them today! It took me two minutes to write them, grab the envelope and address labels. Then it took me two minutes to copy them and while doing so I managed to change the laundry over. So, 4 minutes to do it to get $37 worth of things for under $2. Pretty good deal me thinks!

Points to Remember
1) Even if you have 10 rebates to send in you don’t need 10 envelopes. Put them all in the same one and label it “Rebates” at the address they give. Save yourself some time and some stamps.

2) You don’t have to spend $10 for each FREE after rebate item. Items that aren;t free after rebate require no additional purhcase and items that are require only 1 $10 purchase. This can be a $10 gift card to Menards.

3) If you’re like me the first time you spend money OOP, the next time you can simply use your rebate money that you got back and keep rolling it.

4) Menards doesn’t take food stamps.

5) A lot of items are being repeated for the FREE with rebate. You can buy those same items again and get the rebate again. Each rebate cycle is two weeks and all the rebates will be renumbered in the future and you can buy the same item again.

6) The rebate checks state that they must be used in one transacation, but you don’t. They just write on it how much is left on it, just like a gift card.

7) Be aware of their two-week sales cycle and only go one time per two weeks instead of twice. Get the ad one week then wait until the next week to get the second ad and then shop. Since all the deals in the first ad are good through the second week get all the deals on one trip. What is especially great is when they have a CRAZY DAY SALE . Go on Sunday and get the deals from that ad and the week before and the new ad out on Sunday!


  1. melancholy donut says:

    i think ill start shopping there! thank you for the heads up! i have one near me but had no clue about the rebate program

  2. Do menards accept manu qs?

  3. WOWOWOWO I saw the link from another couponing blog! You rock! Thanks for telling about Menards! DH is gonna love this!!! I had no clue!

  4. This may be a silly question, but do you have to spend $10 for each rebate item? Like if I wanted to buy the flashlights and the tarp do I need to spend just $10 and then get both of them, or does it have to be $10 plus the flashlight and then another $10 plus the tarp?

  5. Heather H. says:

    I was wondering that same question, Jamie. Help! 🙂

  6. JBCHAP930 says:

    We went to two Menard’s and they told us we had to spend $10 of nonrebated items for each rebate but not sure if they knew for sure. I was going to see if the rebates printed out for only spending one $10 and then return them if the rebates didn’t print out. We haven’t done that yet so I hope it does work unless there is building supplies we need that would cover it.

  7. Joe ..A says:

    Hi I wish I had come across this site earlier I shopped at Menard a lot in the last 2 months since i was remodeling. now i will keep this handy tip on mind …
    Joe. A

  8. This may or may not help some of the questions asked earlier. Today I had a GREAT Menards day:)

    Our youngest son (13) took advantage of a few rebates…meaning he got single items and then if I want more, I added to the limit (if it was an item I wanted)
    I hope you can understand it all..a little hard to put into


    Coffee Maker- $19.95

    2 @ $5.00 each- Super Bright Light Lanterns ($5 rebate available for each)

    4 @ $2.00 each- 7 piece Handy Drivers ($2 rebate available for each)(son wanted one)

    2 @ $2.99 each 25' Chrome Measure tape ($2 rebate available for each)(son wanted one)

    3 @ $3.88 each- Power Tool accessories ($3 rebate available for each)(son wanted one)

    2 @ $4.00 each- Quick Grip Handi Clamps ($4.00 rebate available for each)

    5 bags of silly candy- $5

    30 pack of Rayovac AA batteries- $8.99

    bottle of wood glue (son wanted)- $2.98

    pair of work gloves (son wanted)- 79¢

    TOTAL: $86.18

    Minus: $16 in rebates I already had and son paid $13 for his portion..

    New total: $56.18
    Rebates earned: $39.00 (sons will use $7.00 in rebates)

    TOTAL COST: $18.18

    Now…I technically got 8 items for free (after rebate)..I received all of the rebate receipts with just this one order..I obviously did not buy $80 in additional items.

  9. First and formost love your site I have to tell everyone about the great stuff you can get lol some still don't believe it. I have been going to Menards and using the rebate system for years its great, and sooooo easy, I do live in WI so my rebates seem to come back rather fast. And don't forget some stuff is not free but if you are remodeling like we forever seem to be you can get tons of stuff super cheap. I also have 3 small sons so they get the small "real" tools for christmas that I get all year.

  10. Does your Menards accept more than 1 of the same coupon if you have purchased more than one item for that coupon? The last 2 times I've went there they haven't let me use my coupons like this because they say that 'one item per purchase' means I have to have every item rang up separately and then use 1 coupon. That sucks especially when I usually don't carry cash on me. I don't understand why they don't accept 5 of the same coupons for 5 items that match coupons. Do you ever have that problem?

  11. Thank you for the tips. I have a question; the rebate forms get mailed to the same address but with different titles. Do you have to mail each different rebate in a seperate envelope? I mailed two different kinds together the other day and am now wondering if this is incorrect since your tutorial mentioned "envelopes." Thanks for your reply.

  12. Does anyone know if Menards accepts foodstamps? Sometimes they have good deals on food/snack items but I've never tried to purchase them with my EBT card.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I cashier at Menards, so here are some answers. You can put as many rebates as you can fit in one envelope, as they all go to the same address.A few years a go they all had to be mailed seperately. We do not take foodstamps, nor will we probably ever.

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