Meijer Deals – These are good through 11/15

I don’t usually cover Meijer deals but seeing as I go there for Isaac’s food, I thought I’d look and see what I could find! As you can see, I got quite the haul. I decided I’d try a theory of a blog friend of mine – buy things you don’t need if they make you money then spend that money on things you do need. Sounds reasonable!! So here’s what I cooked up:

Right now if you buy Glade Oil Warmers at Meijer you get $4 back in catalina’s. So I grabbed my BOGO coupon from a while back. I spent $4.69 on 2 and got $8 back!

Then I bought Taco Bell taco shells with this coupon on page 3. It says you had to buy taco dinner (at $2.79) but the picture was of the shells at $1.30. The coupon took off $1.50 making you $.20. So I tried buying the shells and you could use the coupon. I had 10 coupons so you know I bought 10 packs!

Finally, I bought jello at $.76. I had a coupon for $1.50 off 2 (page 3). I thought it was gonna make me money (my maths is bad!!) and realised I paid when I checked out. Still, Jello for $.02 is quite the steal and will be great for Isaac’s playdates when he’s older.

Total cost? $20.17. Tacos anyone????!!!

Originally posted 10/15/08


  1. What the heck is a catalina??

  2. How long is this deal?

  3. i don’t mean to ask a stupid question but how do you get ten coupons? do you just print it out 10 times or is there an easier way? AND how do use 10 coupons? do you have to do it in sep. trans.?

  4. OK so I did this and what a steal! My Meijer got a little…strict.. with me and adjusted some of the coupons so I couldn’t earn $ AND they did make me do each coupon as a sep transaction. I say who cares if you get your free stuff in the end?!?!

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