Meijer 411

With each new store there’s new ways to save and Meijer is no different so I thought I’d do a quick 411 of things you may or may not know!

1) Meijer doesn’t accept expired coupons but they do have their own coupons. Before you head out, check out the Meijer Mealbox site here to see if there’s anything you need. The best thing is you can now combine your Meijer coupons with manufacturer’s ones.

2) Some Meijer stores double coupon which makes for free or super cheap things frequently. In the land of Lincoln and here in NWI our stores don’t but fear not because they’ve got good deals.

3) They sell organics and they’re reasonably priced so no need to venture to more expensive stores for organic milk.

4) Meijer offers rain checks so take the ad with you to the service desk if they’re out of something.

5) Meijer accepts all coupons including internet ones.

6) Quite often you’ll get a catalina there for your next purchase.

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