Mega Swagbucks Friday: If You Haven’t Tried It, It’s Time!!

Search & Win
I am in love.

Yes with a boy but also with an online search engine that keeps sending me gift cards for Amazon, Target and Starbucks.  Today is my fave day online as it means that the weekend is nearly here and once work is done we can partee!  It also means that the more I search online (I search a lot!) the more likely I am to make  SwagBucks.

If you search the internet with them instead of the other search engines, you can collect points that add up. I surf quite bit and received a $10 gift card for Starbucks after about a month. Ok, so it’s not a fortune but I’m not doing anything different!!! Plus now instead of just getting gift cards they’ll give you cold hard cash into your PayPal account!

Today is Friday which means mega Swagbucks Day – this may net you tons of SBs as apposed to the usual one or two, yipppeee! Sign up at SwagBucks here and get 3 swags to start.

PS For those of you yet to try it who’ve told me you’re not sure, give it a go and let me know!

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