McDonald’s Coupon Booklets

McDonald’s has done it again yeehaw! Last year they had great booklets for trick or treat and this year they’ve already been spotted! Some have them now but they’ll be at all locations by mid October so check ahead to see if yours has them and start saving!

They cost $1, and you’ll get 4 each of these coupons:
– FREE apple dippers
– FREE apple juice or milk jug
– FREE small cone

The coupons are for kids 12 and under and are valid after Oct. 31


  1. They are $2 at my McDonalds…..

  2. Does anyone know if they sell them in hammond?

  3. Hi,

    I am not sure about Hammond. In Indianapolis I could not find these. However, I went to Noblesville over the weekend and was able to get several of these for $1 each!

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