Matty K’s FREE Monthly Workshops

Matty K’s is not your average hardware store. It was designed to serve a wide range of customers including those with no experience to expert carpenters, items for theatrical designers and even kids! Monthly workshops are offered to all ages free of charge with seasonal projects including making a chalkboard wall calendar, bike tuning, seed planting and more. A dedicated kids’ area in the store makes it easy for parents to shop or spend time working with experts in the design center, who are available to help with home projects, painting and more.

Matty K’s Hardware is a family owned and operated business located in Lincoln Square (4874 N. Lincoln Ave.).  Matty K’s Hardware will be continuously providing you family entertainment that want to make you bring your kids to a hardware store.  Matty K’s Hardware will even offer a loyalty program with the community in mind.  Customer’s can choose from registered charitable organizations and a percentage of their purchase will be awarded to the organization in “reward points”.  The organizations can then redeem their points for purchases at Matty K’s.

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