Mama B’s Kitchen – Inspired by Jewel prices!

You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t ya? Well yesterday I had a lovely day with my sis in law at IKEA and didn’t get chance to post a frugal recipe for you. This week it’s a quickie but a goodie. I have no name for it…wait let me think of one……

Chalsa Dip (get it, cream cheese and salsa! Hey no-one said I was creative with names! HAHA!)

* 8oz cream cheese (on sale this week for $.99 at Jewel)
* 1 Wholly Salsa (on sale for $1. Use this coupon to take off $1 = FREE After coupon!)

Put the salsa in a bowl and add half the cream cheese at first. Mix with hand mixer.
Keep adding until dip consistency is formed.
Serve with chips.

It’s so super simple but it soooooo good and this week is a cheap way to use up the free salsa!!!

Got a frugal recipe? Even better yet if you’ve got a recipe that matches the sale papers, lemme know by shooting me an email and we can feature yours!


  1. I went to Jewel yesterday for the $1 salsa and they were sold out, plus it wasn’t on sale anymore. Do you know the dates for the sale?

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