Makeup for A BUCK!!!- GREAT stocking stuffer!

I posted a while back about this great company called E.L.F who sells most of their makeup and supplies for just A BUCK!!! I had such a GREAT response that I wanted to let all of my new readers who’ve recently joined about it.

Ladies and Gents, hang on to your seats – have I got a deal for you!!! I have found this amazing company that sells most of it’s makeup for a buck, yup you read that right, $1!!!

I was extremely skeptical (hey, I’ve got a responsibility to only recommend good cheap stuff to you guys, right??!) so I decided to try it. One day I wore only E.L.F. make up and I couldn’t believe the results – it stayed on for hours! Sure, it’s not L’Oreal, but for a buck I was super pleased! In fact, I was so happy that I decided to tell them and when I did they offered me this great deal for all my readers:

If you go to their website and enter the code, “MUMMY” when you checkout, you get a 50% off discount on your order up to $15 (maximum discount of $7.50). When I say most of their makeup is a buck, I’m serious. They’ve got eyeshadows, brushes, nail polishes, and blush to name but a few! I’d encourage you to go check it out here and then remember that the cute nail polish you like for $1 is actually $.50!!! The only downside is the shipping but with makeup that cheap, even with shipping it’s a steal!


  1. These are a great deal and they have great colors. I do have to say that it is a low quality makeup and if you are used to the good stuff, you will hate it. Just to warn you before purchase!

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