Make Your Own Laundry Detergent Video

This week my friend Lynda and I made laundry detergent. We totally had a blast doing it and you can see the video of it here. If you’d like to see more videos like this of my money saving tips, then I would LOVE it if you’d please leave a comment on their site as to what you think, even just a quick word or two would be fab so that they know people are interested in saving money. Then we may get to do more.
We were so impressed that it’s gonna save us mega moolah! LOL! I’m gonna post how we did it next week but I washed my clothes yesterday and it worked great!


  1. My hubby and I love the homemade laundry soap!! We have been using it since the beginning of the year. We have a family of 5 so our 10 gallon bucket should last us about 3 months. We also use the liquid fabric softner too. Thats where we buy liquid softner with No Dye and a car wash sponge. We do 1 part softner to 2 parts water. Cut the sponge into 4 pieces and place into the mixture. When you go to dry your clothes, squeeze out 2 of the sponges and add then to the dryer. Instant sheets, and alot cheaper. Where we live we have well water, so we prefer to use store bought laundry soap to keep our whites as white as possible. But one bottle lasts more than a year. On average I am guessing we are saving about $30 a month depending on the brand you used to use.

  2. Kristi_runwatch says:

    Oooh – I've been wanting to try that! We have really hard water, so I've been nervous about how well it would work for us.

  3. Loved the video! I made my own detergent from the recipe on your blog a few months ago. Now that I've seen the video I'm glad to see I did it right! It might help to show a picture of the consistency of the soap once you're done. It's kind of gel-ish and cloudy and it doesn't suds up much. But, it works great! Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The dry laundry soap is easier!! And works just as well…..2c Super Washing Soda 2c Borax 2c grated soap, put everything in food processor and blend for 2 minutes…. use 3T per load. I use vinegar as fabric softner, cheap and awesome for sensitive skin. Just 1/4c per load.

  5. The Prudent Homemaker says:

    To Kristi–We have really hard water, too. The Borax actually says on the package to add a little to your laundry to help cut hard water!

    I used to make mine with a hand grater until my husband suggested that I make it with the Kitchen Aid attathcment (the one that grates real fine). It is so much faster. I do three recipes at a time and I keep it in three quart mason jars when I am done.

    I actually use Oil Of Olay soap (which I buy in bulk at Sam's Club) with mine, and I add in a little Oxy Clean powder as well.

    I've been really happy with mine, and it doesn't irritate my skin or overly perfume my laundry (which my husband likes).

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