Make I take 3 seconds of your time??

A couple of people I know have been going to this website for years and so I asked one of them, Natalie, to tell us all about it. What she has to say is powerful and I really hope we can all spare a couple of seconds a day to help out.

“Every day, I receive an email that reminds me to visit a website, and fund a mammogram. The site is and by clicking the “Click here to give” button on their site, I am helping a mother, sister, aunt, best friend. Because the reality is, not everyone can afford a mammogram. And while I’ve heard they’re not exactly pleasant, they do help in the detection of breast cancer, which steals lives every day. It only takes a few seconds (literally, 3 seconds) and sponsors fund the mammograms. There is also a gift shop that I love to browse, with great items to remind women to do self exams, and to visit the doctor annually. The daily email highlights the sales in the gift shop, as well as free shipping days!

There is a link on the website where you can sign up for a daily reminder, that comes right to your inbox to help you remember every day!

I would love it if you could help me spread the word about The Breast Cancer Site. Last month, the goal was 500 mammograms, and we reached it! But think of how many we could give away if all the Mummy Deals readers went to the site every day too! The goal this month is 300, and I know we can reach it together.”

Please join with Natalie and I to help fund a great cause and let’s see that 300 number THRASHED!!!


  1. Cline Family says:

    thanks for getting the word out! as of this morning, we are 26% of the way to our goal for the month, i know we can do it!


  2. Hi!! I do this too! But I first heard of it through the animal rescue site. I think it’s great. You can click on all the different tabs at the top and help great causes. JUST FOR CLICKING!!!! Love it!! Pass it on. There is a link to send to your friends and family.

  3. We found out just before Christmas that my mom has breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy between Christmas and New Years and everything looks good, but it really opened my eyes to how it affects so many of us!

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