How to Make a Birch Log Centerpiece

How to Make a Birch Log Centerpiece 4

How to Make a Birch Log Centerpiece

Last year I was at my friend’s house and on top of her farmhouse style rustic table she had a birch log centerpiece. Super simple looking and just beautiful; I was in awe of my clever friend who not only let me in on how to make it but told me she’d get me a birch log for free! So she did and then I left that thing in the garage for a while (read: a few months) until….

My table was looking really boring after I put away the Christmas decorations this year and I was in woodworking mode but wanted to start simple so I grabbed some supplies and this is what I came up with.

After the holes were drilled for the candles and the candles placed in there it still looked a little bland so I took a break and did what I like to do for inspiration: Drove to Michael’s. While there I found the beautiful red garland left over from Christmas decorations and at 80% off I snagged one.

I simply twisted it around my birch log centerpiece until it looked right and then took a hammer and nails and drove some through the ends. Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve promptly asked my friend to grab me some more birch logs as I’m thinking this would make a perfect gift for friends this year….at a cost of just a few dollars!

How to Make a Birch Log Centerpiece

How to Make a Birch Log Centerpiece

Materials Need to Make a Birch Log Centerpiece

  • Piece of birch log. These can be purchased at local stores but are quite expensive so hopefully you’ve got access to some free ones too! If not it’s still worth the investment for how beautiful the natural wood looks.
  • Taper candles. I use 4 that I purchased for about $1 each from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  • Garland. If you can’t find any around check Amazon as I just spotted some gorgeous ivy garland for just $1.04!
  • Polyurethane spray.


  1. Spray your birch log with polyurethane spray to preserve it. Let sit overnight.
  2. Drill holes in the top for your tapers.
  3. Twist the garland around the top and secure with hammer and nails.
  4. Place the candles in and display your birch log centerpiece!

How to Make a Birch Log Centerpiece

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