Make $13 in 5 Minutes at Walgreens: Bayer RR Deal during January

Get ready for this!  You’re gonna need to ditch the kids and grab some time alone to go do this but lemme tell ya how in 5 minutes you can make $13 at Walgreens!
Bayer Contour and Breeze2 Meters are $14.99
Buy 2 and Use 2 “up to $30 off” from RP 10/25/09 or buy them here. As coupons are usually sold in large quanities I recommend going in with a friend. 
Receive $5 RR for Contour or $5 for Breeze 2 and $3 for buying 2 Bayer products as part of month long deal.
Final Price: Free plus overage of  $13!!

PS Don’t forget these are donatable so win-win all around!
PPS Yes you’ll spend money on the coupons but soooo stinking worth it!
PPPS If you want to do it more than once you need to do seperate transactions.

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