Why We Love TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS I Love the TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS and here’s why! If there’s two things I know about my oldest son Isaac (almost 6) it’s this: 1) He Loves superheroes. Isaac is so crazy for brave people, warriors and superheroes that we have a whole box of costumes that he plays with year round and just loves dressing up. Last year his most favored Christmas gift was this Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Robo Power – Optimus Prime Cyber Helmet that I found at a thrift store before Christmas. It was also the most favored gift among my nieces who loved projecting their voices through the helmet. 2) He really enjoys building things. Isaac spends houuuuuuuuuurs building and rebuilding train tracks, car tracks and marble runs and so when I knew I was getting the TRANSFORMERS CONTRUCT-BOTS to try I knew it was going to be a great gift for him. It has 48 pieces and he can use it to make a figure or a plane. TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS One afternoon during rest time I handed him the box of CONSTRUCT-BOTS. The face pretty much says it all! Each TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS figure includes a robot frame and lots of armor, weapons and accessory parts and then your kids get to create a character. Unlike a regular figurine they can create it first and then play with it. What a win-win! TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS Then I left him alone for an hour to create and boy did he have fun! One thing I was surprised about was that I thought I’d hear fussing as he couldn’t understand the directions but he didn’t bug me at all and used the pictures it came with to create the TRANSFORMERS and when he showed me I got pretty giddy that he’d created it alone.  He was crazy proud and was beaming! TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS It comes with lots of little pieces that they can customize to the way they want it to be BUT it also comes with that box that holds all the little bits so that it’s not just all over your floor which is nice.  I like anything that is customizable that Isaac can create as it keeps him busy and helps him feel achieved.  The other cool thing with the TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS figure is that it converts from a robot to a vehicle without taking it apart just like a regular TRANSFORMERS guy. I was a little unsure as to how hard they’d be able to play with it without making it fall apart but my boys are a good test of a toy and this one is standing up the Boone Boy Challenge! TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS Isaac had a blast building it and of course we put it on the mantel for when Daddy came home.  Then the inevitable happened: Daddy and Isaac did some constructing together!  They had a great time moving pieces around and seeing what else it did.  If you want more options there are lots more CONSTRUCT-BOTS and the parts are interchangeable!   The best bit? Amazon has them on sale right now and I’m seriously thinking of buying Isaac another! These Transformers Construct-A-Bots-Optimus Prime Vs. Megatron Construction Set are just $20 with free SuperSaver shipping. TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS Yup, We Love TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS! Check out the whole of the Hasbro TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS Website or find the brand TRANSFORMERS on Facebook and Hasbro on Twitter.

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