Looking to Slash Your Grocery Bill?? Date is 9/24/09

For those of you in the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana area, I’m going to be doing some more training workshops! I know I have the blog but it’s sooooo much easier to explain all these tips in person and have a chance where people can ask questions. I’ve had emails from a couple of you as to how things work and just being able to explain it face-to-face and answer all your questions would be really beneficial.

*****Just a note: in the video I say 9/14 but CORRECT date is 9/24/09.

Here’s why you should come: My grocery bill for my family of 3 (including my son’s food and diapers) is only $50/week. Come learn some tricks and tips as to how I do it and how you can cut your bill too! Plus this time I’ve cut the cost of the class down and given a month’s notice so that everyone can attend!

The class will cover: During this 1 1/2 hour class we’ll discuss where and how to get free items, how to coupon wisely without spending hours doing it, how to rebate to receive household items for free, how to stock up on sales, and more.
I have cut several people’s grocery bills significantly through my tips, so come, ask questions, and learn how to both save money and become a savvy customer.
There will be lots of time at the end for questions and answers too so I make sure everyone understands it and can cut their bills too. You’ll also receive a handout with tips on maximizing your grocery dollars. I guarantee it will be the most fun you’ve ever had learning about grocery shopping!

Need more incentive? There will be prizes from the stockpile that I’ll be giving out to some people during our Q&A session at the end. :>)

Still debating? Here’s what some people had to say from my last class:
I recently attended Clair’s Savvy Shopping Class, and I learned so much. The class was definitely worth the money, and you will make it back in Free products in no time. Just this week, I got $25.84 worth of products for $2.27. Thank you Clair!
Wendy B, Burns Harbor, IN

Clair has challenged me to look for the best deals each week by matching already on sale items to coupons and rebates that are available. It takes some time, but when I can pick up KRAFT macaroni and cheese for $.75 or granola bars for next to nothing, it’s worth it.
Jenn p, cedar lake, IN

The class I went to was amazing. As a mother of 2 young girls, it has been my dream to stay at home with them and all these tips are helping us reach that goal. I always have been quite thrifty, but this taught me even better ways to save money! The whole Walgreens/CVS freebies had me stumped, but the way it was explained was super easy! I can’t wait for a new month to begin. All the information about stock piling and coupons was great. I highly recommend these classes to anyone who wants to save money. Thank you Clair for all that you do!
Beth Mills, Hammond, IN

Clair’s knowledge and ability to connect with moms helps make her a valuable resource for those trying to live on a budget. Through her class, I have learned to watch the sale flyers more carefully, strategically plan out my trips to each store, and make my coupons/rebates work to my advantage. She is engaging and witty while teaching the essentials for saving money.
Christine W. Dyer, IN

I attended Clair’s class at the Lincoln Center. In the economic times we are facing, we all need to learn the tips on how to save money with regard to cutting back on our groceries, preparing meals at home & not eating out as much. I’m sure that in the past some of us have clipped
coupons or gotten rebates and then never used them. In Clair’s class, she taught us how to find the “freebies or almost freebies, & where to find coupons, how to match the coupons with sales, etc. Clair’s class was well worth the time just to see what’s out there & how to play the grocery game to cut back on our groceries & spending, so that we can find a little extra cash to save for a rainy day or just to have the extra cash for something special. I would highly recommend one of her seminars.
Sue Z, Dyer, IN

So where can you find me? September 24th from 6:30-8 pm at the Lincoln Center 2450 Lincoln St., Highland, IN 46322. Cost: $17 per resident and $20 per non-resident. Please call: 219-838-0114 to book. If you’re worried about money, I know you’ll make it back in tips and tricks you learn!

I’d love to see all of you there! Thanks!

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