Local Garage Sale Notice

I love a good garage sale and I love finding out about them early so my friends and I can get planned and ready to know which ones we’re gonna hit up. Many of you have started emailing me your sale info and I’m excited about it but I’ve got a new small requirement: $3 per listing. It does take a little work for me and so here’s what I propose. If you’d like to get your local garage sale notice to me please use the Paypal button I have on my site to send me $3 then send me your notice letting me know you sent the money. I need your sale info by Monday of the week it is and then I’ll have the list of all the sales by Wednesday for everyone to see it bright and early. It’ll run on the site indefinitely but will be prominent all week for all to see.
Don’t worry if you’re in TX or CA and don’t wanna drive to Chicago to go saling, although the notice will be easily displayed I’ve got a way to do it that won’t clutter the site. Yahooooooo!
I’m not offended if you don’t wanna advertise here but I do reach quite a lot of people so $3 is crazy cheap!


  1. Anonymous says:

    good idea!! Thanks for the opportunity. Posting a sale here is great idea.

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