Lightsaber Glow Stick Valentines

Lightsaber Glow Stick Valentines

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Isaac is crazy about Star Wars and I knew he’d LOVE these Lightsaber Glow Stick Valentines! He has Star Wars Lego, pjs, action figures and even the Millennium Falcon toy since Christmas. Yup, he’s a little boy who knows what he likes and when it comes to Valentine’s Treats for kids to take I figured most of it was a little girly but not these bad boys. Nope, these guys are all boy and we love them.

I sent a quick picture to my buddy Melissa V who also has boys and I could practically hear her screaming down the computer. You see what Melissa and I agree on with Valentine’s is 2 things: Super cheap AND not candy. I’ve even been told that some schools aren’t allowing candy in anyway which means you gotta get creative but that’s where these come in. Some glow sticks and a free printable I made for you and you’re set! Mummy Deals_Light Saber Printables 2014

Materials for Lightsaber Glow Stick Valentines


  1. Do you remember the sucker Valentine’s Day card where it looked like your child was holding out a giant sucker? Pretty much the same idea here! You simply print out the tag, write their name on the bottom and then grab scissors.
  2. Tim decided he liked it better if just one part of the glow stick went through and then you could tape to the back but it stays on better if you cut two slits and poke through so I’ll leave it up to you!
  3. Slide the glow stick through and gift.
  4. Note: be careful not to push it through too hard or it’ll glow. Yup, I may have done that!

Mummy Deals_Light Saber Printables 2014

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  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for the printable! I have three boys, and they ALL loved them. The were cheap, easy, and sugar free! Win! Win! Win!

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