Lifetime Guarantees

Hubby got a JanSport backpack when he was in school. He loved it, used it tons and eventually one day the strap broke. Now these things are made solid but after years of wear and tear it was inevitable. What followed next was a complete surprise to even frugal ole me:

“Don’t they have a lifetime warranty on it?” Hubs asked me.
“Seriously?” I replied and promptly grabbed the computer.
Under further inspection he was right and we mailed off the poorly backpack only for them to send us it back in the mail all sewn up and looking in great condition. Sometimes they send you a brand new one but ours was fixed and good as new. This was a cracking tip for me so I looked around for more companies that offer similar warranties. According to the JanSport website and I think it’ll apply to most other companies here’s when it’s covered: Our warranty applies when the product is used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions, and does not apply to damages caused by typical wear and tear over time, unreasonable use, accidents or neglect.

For more specifics you’ll need to check each company out but here are a couple I know of:
L.L. Bean
Lands’ End
Craftsman Tools

Anyone know of any others to add to the list?

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