Left hanging

I’m still learning new American words and last year I learnt what it meant when you go to High 5 someone and they don’t do it back. I’m not really into “High 5”-ing so I’ve never been able to use it in a sentence until now!!! I was hoping to see what others came up with for the Tomorrow Never Comes Challenge but no-one has posted anything. So, don’t leave me hanging, girls!!! Post some piccies on your blog and let me know!


  1. I would LOVE to send you pics of the grime in my shower or the mushed up cheerios under my feet while I'm on the computer or the stack of mail on the counter which is covered in all the coupons I've printed in the last two days BUT…I can't because I have'nt gotten around to getting a digital camera yet :>)

  2. I actually didn’t see that first post, but this weekend I’m planning on doing something that I’ve been procrastinating for A.LONG.TIME! I’ll post pictures either Sunday or Monday!!!

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