Leap Frog Alphabet Pal for $.49 at Target 11/11 – 11/13/09

Leap Frog Alphabet Pal will be available this weekend at Toys-R-Us for $10.49 during a special two-day sale on Friday and Saturday 11/11- 11/13/09.
Target will price match it according to their policy here. According to corporate, you can use a Target and/or manufacturer’s coupon on a price matched item.
Use the Afullcup.com Target Coupon Generator to print a $10 off coupon here and then you need the Toys R Us ad to take to Target
Final Price: $.49!


  1. If you can help it, I would consider grabbing a Target coupon book. They are in the toy section at my Target.. there were tons and I grabbed like 5 books. I ALWAYS have a problem using printed coupons at Target because if they don't scan they wont take them.

    This coupon is available in the Toys Coupon Book 🙂

  2. I saw this toy today– it looks very nice and is selling for around $20.00 (19-something.) Great deal!

  3. Target opens at 8am. Baby fed…check, 4yr old & 2yr old had cereal…check, still in jammies…ok. Am going to be at Target at 8am to get the Alpabet Pal for $.49. The only thing I can see going wrong is the ad has specific times on it FRIDAY LATE 3PM,hopefully Target won't be that picky. We will find out and let you know how we turn out.

  4. I tried to get this toy at Target. I talked to 3 people and couldnt get it. I was very upset. ANy ideas how I can get one???

  5. What Toys-r-us Ad? the Big book? becuase I don't see it in there?
    (I was just at Target and they are all out..How do people find out about these deals soo fast. I seem to "miss" them all and the shelves are all gone? 🙂

  6. thanks for the good find.
    worked without a hitch for me.

  7. I work at target and we do NOT price match door busters or special sales from other stores. I had this issue today with this toy. The toys r us ad is a door buster sale and does not qualify. Just letting you know so you can save the trip.

  8. I went to Target tonight and was informed that they stopped price matching Toys R Us doorbuster items. When I got home I called Target Corporate and they confirmed the policy change and said it would be updated online very soon.

  9. I went to Target and was able to get two and to be safe I showed them the sale add that I printed from online and showed the price match policy and I only paid $1.08 for both with tax. The cashier was so impressed that she showed another cashier and that one said that next time I have to show the real add not a copy from the compter or I wont get the sale price. So I recommend taking a copy of their policy along with whatever add you have because you never know what kind of cashier you are going to get!

  10. Edith.morris says:

    My Target would not honor the price matching since it was a "two day sale" 🙁

  11. Thank you SO much for noticing this great deal. Tonight I was able to pick up three of these toys for 49cents each! I was SO excited! It really works!

  12. I just returned from an early morning Target trip and was told that they don't price match the 2-day or special sale ads, only the regular Sunday weekly ads. Just to let you know.

  13. I tried to do this today but the Target in Munster refused to price match my Toys R Us ad. They do not do price matches at the register and I was sent to the service desk. There I was told they do not match "door buster" deals.

  14. I tried to pick it up, but Target said I had to have an actual copy of the Toys R Us ad an not a printed copy from the internet and they wanted the full ad, not just one page. So, I tried to get one from Toy's R Us, but they didn't have any. Oh well, maybe next time.

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