Launching the Mummy Deals Coupon Database

Ever wanted to search and work out where I’m getting coupons? Or just want to do it yourself? Well, that’s why I decided to purchase and install this coupon database. Or rather my most awesome pal Mariah did!

Now you can go under the Coupon Link on the top of the blog and find the Coupon Database. You simply type in the brand or coupon you’re looking for into the “Search” button and voila! The options appear. You can search by brand or specifically by product but sometimes the names aren’t always typed the way you may think so searching brand is easier. For example today I wanted to search Oscar Mayer Wieners/hot dogs. I typed in that and it pulled nothing until I just typed Oscar Mayer then it pulled up hot dogs.

Once you’ve searched you’ll then see the options and they’ll be either printable or regular coupons. The printable ones you just click on and print and the others you gotta hunt for.

Anyway, this was done for you, my dear readers and I hope you find it helpful! Through it I hope to give you more of the tools you need to be a savvy shopper! I’d love to hear what you think!

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