Last week’s super finds

Before my parents arrived I was able to sneak in some time to go and take advantage of the 2-day crazy sale at CVS that I posted about here. I also did the free battery deal at Target and got 11 packs. Gotta love that!

Here’s a piccie of the things I grabbed for FREE. Because I had coupons for the free stuff, I actually made money! The day before, hubby popped in for some milk and out printed a $5 off of $15 purchase!!!! Those things are like gold dust and I already knew I was gonna make money. Then I also had $25 they sent me from here. I went to my local CVS and bought what I could there and then decided I’d go to another larger one. After I checked out I realised that another $5/$15 had printed on my receipt!! Craziness! So all in all I got all the free stuff and made $31!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, CVS!!

Oh, and finally a cool thing happened!!! I met a lady there doing the same thing I was – playing the CVS game except she was training her sister in laws! We had a fun chat and I told her about this website so if you’re reading, Hi Lanea!! Then, a few days later I saw her at Carson’s spending her $10/$10 coupon!!! Her Mom told us we’d got to stop meeting like that! HAHHA!


  1. You Rock!!!!!

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