Last Week’s Savings in Photos

You may or may not know this but I’m a Class A Shopaholic but on one income I can’t afford to be so when I get free stuff, I get giddy! Here’s how last week panned out for me. Yeah posting on the blog with the deals kept me too busy to show you the pics! Sorry!

First Stop: Walgreens where I bought two packs of GUM toothbrushes for $3.49 each and got Register Rewards back for $3.50 x 2. So I paid tax.

Next Stop: Jewel where I used the RRs (yup, it’s true you can use Walgreens RRs at Jewel and other stores including Kroger!) to buy all the stuff above. The post is here.

Cost: $11

3rd Stop: Staples. 2 reams of paper, 5 things of filler paper and some photo paper.

Cost after Easy Rebates and coupon: $12.82Final Stop: Menards. 6 backpacks, lots of Crayola pens and again a crooked picture! Stink!
Cost: $9.77 including tax after Menards rebates.
I paid for this with previous rebate money.

Grand Total: $33.59 for all that and a bunch to donate to my favorite cause – Samaritan’s Purse.

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