Last week’s savings

Last week I left Isaac with Tim and headed out to Kmart, armed with my coupons ready for their double coupon days. True, I got a lot but not nearly as much as I thought because I found that even when I doubled coupons some things weren’t free and I had a rule – unless I really needed it (the diapers) or it was Free or close to free, I wasn’t spending anything Out of Pocket! Still here’s a piccie of what I got:

I spent more than I thought but I got some Nature’s vitamins I wanted and diapers. Check it out – I saved $25.99.I bought the Scrubbing Bubbles action scrubber starter kit and plan on getting a full rebate for it, maybe even making money!
Walgreens total cost – about $1.50 out of pocket! What you can’t see (as it’s in my tummy!!) is another Dove bar!

So, what did you get? Anyone do the Kmart double coupon event? Leave a link and show all of us!


  1. Sooo I don’t have a link BUT I spent $49 and got $190!!!!!!!! worth of stuff.
    Four words: I am the champ!

  2. Rebecca Kvenvolden says:

    I don’t have a picture either, and honestly, i was disappointed…. i spent about $65 WAY more than i planned, the total would have been about $147 so not outstanding. And considering how carefully i looked through everything and the energy and mental stamina invested, i don’t think i did so hot 🙁 OH well, live and learn! i think i’ll stick with Walgreens… this whole heavy duty couponing thing is a lot HARDER than it looks!!!!

  3. I agree, Rebecca!

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