Kolas Christian Bookstore

One of the reasons my husband and I moved to the town we’re in is that there is an awesome downtown area where we can walk and enjoy browsing the “mom and pop” shops there. One such shop has recently moved to our neighbourhood but is a place I already love!
Kolas Christian Bookstore has been family owned and operated for over 60 years. Previously located in Hammond, IN they just made a move to Highland where they are located on Highway Avenue.
From the outside it looks like a small Christian bookstore but inside it’s a wealth of knowledge and is actually pretty big. With lots or resources from books and CDs to gifts and toys, it’s stocked with lots of goodies. In this competing world, it’s hard to be a “mom and pop” store anymore as some of the bigger franchises can offer bigger discounts or sales which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I went in and looked at their prices!
The other great thing about Kolas Bookstore is it’s calendar of events. Most Friday nights are buzzing with activity, every Friday morning at 10am is Story Time for the kids and Wednesday at 10am you can join the founder, Mr Kolas, for devotions.
I just read an interesting article about how sadly places like this are a dying breed and yet they’re the backbone of our economy and need supporting. That’s why for the frugalites out there, my friends at Kolas Christian Bookstore have given me permission to share this coupon with you. It’s for 20% off your ENTIRE purchase! Now, you can’t say fairer than that can you??!!! So, get along there and support this great store!

For more info check out their website at http://www.kolasbookstore.com/home.asp.


  1. your timing is GREAT! i was just struggling with my coupon for Family Bookstores vs. supporting my local christian store-Kolas. Now I don’t have to choose!!!Thanks Clair and thanks Kolas!!!

  2. This is incredible! I love Kolas Christian Bookstore! They already have super low prices and now take an extra 20% off. I know where my tax return is going!!!!!
    Thanks Clair and Kolas

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