Kmart: "That" Coupon and Shop Your Rewards Issues

Remember the nice $10/$20 coupon saga that was nationwide, then local, then only some took them, maybe.. kinda and only on a good day? Spanks of the KFC debacle if you ask me! But ya didn’t so I’m not going into it!
The point is they’ve now discontinued that coupon at most locations in and around Chicagoland. Some people have reported still being able to use it so if you can, leave a comment. It was good through 5/21/10 but apparantly they redeemed $400,000 worth and stopped it. No kidding, that’s a lot of half off merchandise!

Well, that’s not the only problem they’re having. Check this out! Remember the Shop Your Rewards program that we signed up for so we could go double couponing that promised to give us money back? Well some people are reporting it taking money away from them! Here’s the scoop from corporate:
When you use a coupon on an item, they deduct that amount from the price of the item and that is considered the purchase amount.
They then have the coupon deducted again on a separate line with the 1% applied as a reward deduction. In the case of double coupons they list that coupon again and apply another 1% negative reward. Here is what it looks like according to Hot Coupon World:

All: $2 earn: $.02 rewards (purchase price was actually $4 but they deducted the coupon for it right here)
coupon: -$2 earn: $-.02 rewards
coupon: -$2 earn: $-.02 rewards
Balance: $-.02 rewards ($.02 + $-.02 + $-.02 = $.-02)

So, confused you will be!! The bottom line is: Money for coupons comes from manufacturer, not Kmart. They’re not losing out but are penalizing the customer.

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