KMart Super Doubles 8/16 – 8/22/09

Double coupon days mean that by using some of your high-value coupons you may be able to get some cheap or even free things! To find out if your store is participating, type your zip code in here.

The list of IL and IN stores participating.

The Rules: Super Double Manufacturer Coupons Up to $2.00 with purchase of $25 or more in grocery & drugstore merchandise. Limit 10 coupons per customer per day. Grocery and drugstore items include: all food items, health & beauty, baby diapers, household cleaning supplies, pet foods, detergents, paper goods, shampoos and other beauty items, over the counter medicines such as : Tylenol, aspirin, etc.
10 coupons, per day, per customer may be doubled. Additional coupons will be honored, just not doubled. Customer should choose which 10 they would like doubled…..$25 threshold is BEFORE coupon redemption.


  1. Just to be sure – they will double up to $2.00 or will they double a $2.00 coupon to $4.00? What is the maximum coupon face value? For instance, I have a BUNCH of $2.00 ALL detergent coupons – will those be $4.00 off each?

  2. Flipfloppingmamma says:

    love your site! Check it everyday!! Is there a schedule for the kmart double coupons? Do they do it a certain time every month? I just moved to new area and my old kmart only did it once in a blue moon. Thanks!!

  3. MommaHughes says:

    I am grateful for you.

  4. Toni – $2 would become $4 as far as the rules go. So yeeehaw on cheap detergent but have you tried making it using my recipe? Super easy.
    Flipfloppingmamma – Not sure on schedule, every now and then. Some do some don't! Sorry!
    MommaHughes – Shucks! Thank you ;>)

  5. Yes, I have made homemade detergent before. I actually probably have the same "recipe" on my old blog 🙂 Though, a little while back, CVS had such great deals/coupons on detergent that at any one time, I had 8 to 12 bottles of laundry soap that I got for FREE. Since then, I have either found it for free or such little cost that it was cheaper than homemade LOL Maybe when I run out of free stuff, I'll go back to homemade.

    I liked that laundry soap, but did notice that things don't stay "fresh" as long – such as towels and sometimes t-shirts. We call that "stink shirt" around here. LOL But, clean is clean, ya know? 🙂

  6. Sorry for the dumb question…BUT, the $25 threshold before coupons means I just have to spend 25 before the coupons are scanned??! I'm new at this!!! =)

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