Kmart: 6 Ziploc Bags for Under $2! (Chicago/NWI only)

So, Chicagoans, remember that awesome Kmart coupon here for $10 off $20? Well my friend, Nicole thought of a great way to use it!!

6 Ziploc bags packs (unsure on exact price)
Use 3 BOGO coupons from Sunday’s paper. Expire 6/5/10.
Then hand them the $10/$20
Final Price: Under $2 for 6!

Didn’t buy a whole bunch of newspapers this weekend? Me neither! Don’t panic you can buy 20 coupons for under $2 here and split that with a friend!

Other ways to use the $10/$20

  • Stock up on staples: loo roll, tissues etc
  • Combine with other coupons for things you need
  • Clearance babeee


  1. Anonymous says:

    My friend and I went to kmart with that coupon and she was told the coupon was unauthorized and not valid!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kmart is honoring the $10/$20 coupons. At least not in Illinois. I drove 30 minutes to use mine and they told me they were not a "Kmart" coupon, that someone had put them on the internet as a joke. And they were very rude. Just thought you would want to know.

  3. If you use the correct coupon, it will work. For example, my Chicago store is listed as a valid location on the CHICAGO coupon. They will not take the coupon (with a different barcode) that is listed for New York. You must use the one that corresponds to your area. Chicago, Baltimore or NY. They are valid coupons. But they were only intended for those certain markets. If your Kmart is not in those areas, you shouldn't try to use it.

    I've been using this coupon for a month and scored some awesome deals with doubles week!

  4. Thanks Tara for getting there before me. I love my readers for that!! I was going to say the same and if you'll note from the link I gave to the coupon it specifies exactly which ones. I just used at one today with no problems. HTH! Thanks again, Tara!

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