KidVentures: If Your Kids Have Ever Moaned They’re Bored


Ever had that, “Summer is here and my kids will get bored” feeling?
Wondering what to do when they ask you what to do?

Then my blogging buddy has a solution! It’s an brand spanking new ebook called KidVentures and it’s packed with FIFTY awesome ideas to keep kids active and create memories.

Reasons it Rocks

  • 50 Simple Ideas to Get Outdoors & Connect With Your Child
  • Promotes Hands-On-Learning, Creativity, & Active Adventures
  • Frugal Fun for the Family
  • Suitable Ideas for Kids Ages Preschool to Preteen
  • Additional Printables, Diagrams, and Resources

Jen is a Mom of quad boys (can you imagine?!) and is a great authority on keeping kids busy! You can buy it for just $4.99 here or grab it on your Kindle!

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