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I don’t know about you but I am OVERWHELMED!!  I have booked myself to the hilt this holiday season and I don’t see an end in sight until after the first of the year and the kids are not even out of school yet.  Not sure how I am going to function then.   When my schedule gets crazy busy we either rely on a lot of crock pot meals or we hit the drive through.  We live 25 miles from a drive through so I don’t get to say that often, however I am spending a lot of time in town and it’s so convenient to hit up the drive through and have the family fed and happy. 

That’s why I am so happy that KFC has brought back their Festive Feast this holiday season.  As a matter of fact when we celebrate Christmas with the in-laws this Thursday guess what we will be having for Christmas dinner?  Yes we will be enjoying a couple orders of the KFC’s Festive Feast for only $19.99.  The Festive Feast includes the following: 

Try 8 pieces (any recipe)
2 large sides
4 biscuits
and 12 cookies

I don’t know about you but our family of 4 rarely manages to eat out for less than $20 and I can guarantee we never get dessert!

This holiday season while I stressed to the max and feel like I am barely keeping my head above water I am looking for a little help and KFC has the perfect option for me with their Festive Feast. 

Win A $25 KFC Gift Card

One lucky Mummy Deals reader will win a $25 gift card sponsored by KFC.  Enter on the rafflcopter form below. 

KFC Festive Feast
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  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    Original recipe is my favorite.

  2. Original

  3. I prefer Extra Crispy .

  4. Sandra VanHoey says:

    I like extra crispy

  5. Sarah Hall says:

    I like the Crispy as it is so crunchy and good.

  6. steve weber says:

    Crispy is my choice.

  7. I’d prefer grilled.

  8. I like original recipe.

  9. I like the original recipe

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  11. Thanks for the opportunity Clair!!

  12. Original!

  13. Cindy Rhoades says:

    love kfc

  14. Cindy Rhoades says:


  15. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like Crispy

  16. I prefer original.

  17. i like Grilled

  18. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I prefer the crispy recipe! How yummy!

  19. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I like Crispy

  20. Denise Upton says:

    KFC is good!

  21. Jessica To says:

    I like the original recipe.

  22. janice obrien says:


  23. wild orchid says:

    I love the extra crispy chicken.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  24. Amanda Starr says:

    I like grilled.

  25. I love extra crispy but original is great too

  26. I like extra crispy but should probably be eating grilled. 🙂

  27. Nataly Carbonell says:

    I love the original recipe!

  28. I like the Crispy recipe.
    Thank you!

  29. Original is our favorite

  30. soha molina says:


  31. Sara Truax says:

    Sounds good to me!

  32. I prefer Original recipe.

  33. CJ Godfrey says:

    I prefer the Original Recipe! It has always been my favorite.

  34. Margaret Smith says:

    I love the original

  35. Heather Dawn says:

    I like grilled!!

  36. Mary Casper says:

    I like crispy or extra crispy

  37. Starr Greenwell says:

    I really love the extra crispy.

  38. rich morris says:

    I like crispy best..

  39. I prefer grilled.

  40. I LOVE extra crispy KFC chicken!!! It is so crunchy and delicious, and the batter doesn’t get soggy when you dip it in ranch!

  41. Adrienne Gordon says:

    I like original

  42. Barbara Montag says:

    I like the grilled – thank you.

  43. I like the Original recipe.

  44. Terri Egelund says:

    There’s a reason that Original is still around…it’s the best.

  45. Tari Lawson says:

    I like the original.

  46. I love original recipe!

  47. Kyl Neusch says:

    Extra Crispy

  48. Jody Sisson says:

    I prefer Extra Crispy.

  49. ryan minton says:

    i like crispy but prefer original.


  50. The Original Recipe chicken is my favorite.

  51. I really like grilled because I get to eat out but I feel like I am still being healthy…and it’s delicious!

  52. Rebecca Graham says:

    I like Crispy.

  53. Ann Fantom says:

    I like the Crispy flavor

  54. Original

  55. crispy but would like to try the grilled

  56. grilled

  57. Allison Downes says:

    I prefer Extra Crispy

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  58. Oh my favorite is the Original! YUM

  59. I like extra crispy

  60. Alina Hahn says:

    Well I prefer extra crispy but I always order grilled because I know that it is healthier 🙂

  61. I love extra crispy!
    Thank You

  62. I like crispy!

  63. We love KFC and normally its too expensive but this deal with cookies is a good price to me.

  64. Tabathia B says:

    I prefer original chicken

  65. I love the original one.

  66. Original recipe

  67. Extra Crispy .

  68. bryan clark says:

    origanal for sure

  69. Susan Christy says:

    I like extra crispy.

  70. I like extra crispy.

  71. I like extra crispy

  72. Jennifer Dunaway says:

    Extra Crispy is my favorite.

  73. I always get the extra crispy

  74. Extra cripsy

  75. Extra Crispy rocks!!! I could just eat the skin (gross i know)

  76. Extra Crispy

  77. Crispy!

  78. Nicole Newby says:

    I prefer crispy. I am actually going to make the Crispy Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl for dinner tomorrow!

  79. Abby Kraynick says:

    Extra Crispy .. YUM!!

  80. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    Our favorite is Extra Crispy. I love it!!!

  81. My favorite is extra crispy.

  82. Janice Cooper says:

    Extra crispy 🙂

  83. Brittney House says:

    I love the original recipe!

  84. extra crispy all the way!

  85. I like original recipe.

  86. Susan Smith says:

    Extra Crispy is my favorite

  87. I prefer Original Recipe.

  88. Jill Myrick says:

    Our favorite is the KFC Extra Crispy recipe.


  89. Original all the way!

  90. I liked extra crispy when I was younger but I now like the original recipe. thank you!!

  91. Laurie Layton says:

    I like extra crispy chicken please.

  92. I like the grilled.

  93. I like the original

  94. I like both Extra Crispy and Original.

  95. Crispy is my favorite!!! Always love KFC!!!

  96. I like the original chicken

  97. Mya Murphy says:

    The original would be my choice!!

  98. I like Crispy

  99. Got to have me some extra crispy!

  100. I love the Original Recipe, but I really like their Grilled Chicken too.

  101. I prefer the Extra Crispy recipe chicken. I love KFC.

  102. I like the original

  103. We love the Original recipe. Thanks

  104. tina reynolds says:

    my favorite is extra crispy

  105. Carol Mclemore says:

    I like grilled!

  106. I like the Original.

  107. Karrie Millheim says:

    I love extra crispy

  108. I like original recipe.

  109. Lorena Keech says:

    I like the crispy recipe.

  110. Shannon Wilkovich says:

    I like crispy and grilled 🙂 yum

  111. I prefer extra crispy. Thank you

  112. I like the grilled

  113. i like crispy.

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