KFC $10 Weekend Buckets + Giveaway


KFC $10 Weekend Buckets + Giveaway

If you love KFC you’re going to love this deal – KFC $10 Weekend Buckets! For the first time ever, KFC is offering 10 pieces of freshly prepared chicken for just $10 but don’t wait around as the limited-time offer is only available every weekend through November 24.

If you like KFC but are living on a budget (erm aren’t we all?!) you can choose from KFC’s famous Original Recipe® chicken, Extra Crispy™, Kentucky Grilled Chicken® or even NEW Original Recipe® Boneless or you can mix and match! This is GREAT news for us as Tim is addicted to boneless chicken and yet myself and the kids love KFC’s Original Crispy so now we can all be happy 🙂

To go with your $10 Weekend Bucket you can grab a KFC Go Cups which include a choice of chicken and Potato Wedges in a portable container for only $2.49. What a fantastic deal especially for football games!

To go with that chicken why not serve one of these easy Crock Pot Appetizers at your next Couchgating game!

Crock Pot Pizza Dip

Crock Pot Pizza Dip


Crock Pot Artichoke Dip

Crock Pot Artichoke Dip

To celebrate the launch of KFC $10 Weekend Buckets, I’m giving away $25 in Chicken Checks to one lucky reader and all you’ve got to do is fill out the Rafflecopter below!

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  1. Karen Knight says:

    KFC Extra Crispy is my favorite!

  2. ellen beck says:

    I like oriiginal recipe!

  3. tammy saylor says:

    I like the crispy

  4. Love the original recipe! 🙂 With biscuits and mashed potatoes, of course!

  5. extra crispy fried chicken. I love KFC

  6. hollie jahnke says:

    I like extra crispy.

  7. I like extra crispy breast

  8. Original is our favorite

  9. My favorite is the Original Recipe® Boneless and their coleslaw is the best!

  10. Cheryl Abdelnour says:


  11. I like oriiginal recipe.

  12. My favorite is the original recipe.
    Thank you!

  13. I like the extra crispy chicken

  14. Extra crispy is the best and the mash potato bowl is so good.

  15. Sandy VanHoey says:

    love their extra crispy chicken and love their mashed pootaotoes and gravy

  16. Lindley A says:

    Our whole family likes the Extra Crispy- thanks!

  17. D Schmidt says:

    I like the original recipe the most.

  18. Christina N says:

    Extra Crispy for us.

  19. I love Kentucky Fried chicken, it was only bought for a special occasion when I was a kid!

  20. Pam OLeary says:

    The extra crispy is my favorite

  21. Kim Pinch says:

    Extra Crispy is my favorite.

  22. I like Extra Crispy and I agree with Kathy F. Yummy coleslaw!!!!

  23. Bonnie Walker says:

    Extra crispy

  24. Andrea Williams says:

    I like their Extra Crispy chicken.

  25. steve weber says:

    the extra crispy is my favorite.

  26. stephanie says:

    i love the extra crispy breast

  27. Mary Happymommy says:

    I love the original recipe.

  28. Hurray for extra crispy!! I love it here Claire! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I like original

  30. Wild Orchid says:

    I love KFC grilled chicken.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  31. Stephanie Gossett says:

    I love the original recipe chicken! Thanks for the chance!


  32. My favorite is the Original Recipe® Boneless!

  33. I love their extra crispy recipe! SO GOOD!

  34. Alina Hahn says:

    I like the grilled and my family loves the boneless. You are making me hungry now! lol!

  35. Bonnie Lacroix says:

    Original is definitely my favorite, it brings back lots of really good memories, just wish it tasted the same as it did back then.

  36. The snack cups are a great quick meal-on-the-go!!

  37. I like my KFC chicken extra crispy!

  38. We love extra crispy around here – except for my hubs, who thinks meat is disgusting!=)

  39. The original recipe is my favorite

  40. I love the Original Recipe, thanks!

  41. Judy Estrin says:

    The original is my favorite!

  42. Oh my favorite is still the Original!!!

  43. Original recipe all the way!

  44. amy bostic says:

    Original recipe chicken breast

  45. Mya Murphy says:

    I love love love the original!!

  46. Barbara Montag says:

    Extra Crispy for sure – thank you.

  47. Patty Jester says:


  48. Margaret Smith says:

    The original is my favorite.

  49. I like the original.

  50. Theresa D says:

    I love the Extra Crispy.

  51. Mary Casper says:

    i like the xtra crispy

  52. They have the best chicken!!

  53. Charlotte W. says:

    I like original best.

  54. Wendy Rozema says:

    I like the Original Recipe!!

  55. Shannon Baas says:

    I like the original recipe.

  56. Alexandra W. says:

    I like the extra crispy!

  57. I like the crispy.

  58. Heather B says:

    love the crispy

  59. brenda mckain says:

    I like crispy.

  60. Kimberly Kihega says:

    I love their Extra crispy chicken!

  61. Diane Leavey Wolf says:

    Original Recipe all the way!

  62. Ann Fantom says:

    The Extra Crispy recipe is my favorite

  63. Natalie yeoman says:

    I like the original

  64. I like the original recipe chicken.

  65. Melissa Mazzur says:


  66. Favorite is the Original recipe.

  67. I love their original chicken recipe!

  68. I like crispy

  69. angela cunningham says:

    I like oriiginal recipe.

  70. My favorite is extra crispy!

  71. I like the original recipe the best

  72. Majority rules – extra crispy!

  73. Susan Christy says:

    Extra Crispy for me!!

  74. Lorena Keech says:

    We love the original recipe.

  75. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I love the crispy!! Oh yum

  76. Extra crispy is my fav.

  77. Kellie Conklin says:

    Original Recipe is our absolute favorite! So excited to hear about these buckets, perfect for an easy family dinner! Thanks!

  78. I like original recipe!

  79. Extra Crispy!

  80. g. penrod says:


  81. I like the extra crispy


  82. I love KFC Extra Crispy! YUM YUM 🙂

  83. Crock Pot Pizza Dip

  84. Julie Simpson says:

    I like the traditional

  85. I love the crispy

  86. I love their extra crispy chicken

  87. Charlotte Padgett says:

    We like the original

  88. Tiffani Jade says:

    I like Extra Crispy chicken. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I like the original Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe.

  90. Jessica To says:

    I like the original recipe.

  91. Casey Everidge says:

    extra crispy!

  92. Chrystal D says:

    I like the original recipe

  93. Suzanne K says:

    I like the original

  94. I like the original recipe.

  95. I like original recipe chicken.

  96. Shannon M says:

    Original. nothing beat’s an original. yum!

  97. I like the original recipe the best

  98. maleficent m says:

    extra krispt dipped in bbq sauce if they still do that…

  99. Paige Chandler says:

    I like the original recipe

  100. Courtney Renee says:

    Original recipe.

  101. The extra crispy is the one for me.

  102. original recipe

  103. i like the original

  104. KFC Original is my favorite

  105. I like the crispy

  106. lynn brannen says:

    Original and the grilled chicken with creamed potatoes and gravy,oh and the cole slaw toooooooo!

  107. I like the Extra Crispy Chicken Breasts and the biscuits too!

  108. Tanya White says:

    I love the original recipe.

  109. I like both the Extra Crispy and the Original Recipe Boneless.

  110. Anastacia says:

    Original Recipe

  111. Stephanie Larison says:

    We like the extra crispy chicken

  112. Rebecca Graham says:

    I like the Original recipe.

  113. kristin sims says:

    my favorite is the extra crispy, thank you!

  114. Matthew Pohlman says:

    Our family prefers grilled

  115. My favorite is the extra crispy.

  116. I like the original recipe

  117. Douglas Houston says:

    I like oriiginal recipe!

  118. Michelle Weaver says:

    We like the original recipe.

  119. My favorite KFC recipe is Original.

  120. my favorite is the Original Recipe

  121. Debra Hall says:

    my favorite is original

  122. Rebecca Peters says:

    I like original recipe

  123. david cosgrove says:

    original recipe!

  124. Susan Smith says:

    I like the original.

  125. Lesley Gardner says:

    Extra crispy

  126. I love anything and everything KFC. GREAT prize!

  127. Ambrosia Ross says:

    KFC is where Hubby and I go on our date nights!

  128. Melanie Montgomery says:

    Extra crispy recipe all the way

  129. melissaandkeith miller says:

    extra crispy

  130. Maria Iemma says:

    I love the extra crispy chicken. Delish

  131. Extra crispy all the way

  132. Sara Sullivan says:

    I like Original the best!

  133. Tari Lawson says:

    I like the original recipe.

  134. Harriett Daniel says:

    Original, but i flop back and forth!

  135. I like the crispy

  136. I’ve been wanting to make some spinach artichoke dip so im gonna look up that recipe 😀
    and the kfc go cups look awesome!

  137. original- still the best!

  138. Michelle H says:

    Original KFC is my favorite.

  139. Extra Crispy

  140. My favorite is Original Recipe!

  141. Original is my favorite recipe!

  142. Arnold E Carroway II says:

    Original Recipe is my favorite.

  143. Angela Ash says:

    Extra Crispy is my favorite KFC chicken recipe!

  144. krystal wethington says:

    I like the original.

  145. Can’t beat Original Recipe KFC but, Crock Pot Artichoke Dip sounds great.

  146. Extra Crispy

  147. We love the boneless original with mashed potatoes and gravy!

  148. I still like the original recipe best.

  149. Original Recipe

  150. Crystal F says:

    I’ve never used their chicken in a recipe. We just like to get one of their meals every once in a while so that we can have a cook free day. Thank you!

  151. Barbara Stenby says:

    Extra Crispy Extra Crispy Extra Crispy!!!!!!

  152. Jessica Horne says:

    extra crispy with mashed potato and a biscuit!

  153. Original recipe

  154. My favorite is KFC’s Original recipe.

  155. Danielle Wood says:

    Original recipe

  156. Can’t go wrong with Original recipe

  157. thischickwins says:

    Extra Crispy

  158. extra crispy

  159. Dorothy Hubbard says:

    I am an original kind of girl.

  160. I love the extra crispy recipe.

  161. Tom Lester says:

    Love that original recipe!

  162. Christian Alejandro says:

    Extra Crispy for me please!

  163. I like their original recipe.

  164. Terry Cross says:

    I like the original recipe

  165. Mallory Bailey says:

    KFC Extra Crispy is my favorite.

  166. I like original recipe.

  167. extra crispy! yum!

  168. Kat Emerick says:

    Original recipe!

  169. kathy pease says:

    I love the original recipe 🙂

  170. I like the extra crispy

  171. Barbara Butler says:

    Extra Crispy

  172. Can’t go wrong with original recipe!

  173. Stone, Claudette says:

    Don’t tell my doctor, but I would love a bucket of fried livers!

  174. Amber Carter says:

    I love the grilled

  175. melikegarfield says:

    I admit it…I’m an extra crispy fiend.

  176. kelly mcgrew says:

    i havent eaten there much but i like the extra crispy!

  177. mary gardner says:

    original recipe!

  178. The new boneless. yum!

  179. amy deeter says:

    I like crispy

  180. Allison Downes says:

    I like extra crispy

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  181. Original
    Thanks for the contest.

  182. subscribe email: slehan at myway dot com

  183. Michelle Tucker says:

    I like their extra crispy.


  185. Extra crispy is my favorite

  186. I have been loving the grilled chicken lately. It’s so tasty!

  187. I like original.

  188. Thanks for the giveaway… Extra Crispy !

  189. Vikki Billings says:

    My favorite is Extra Crispy!!

  190. Beverly Metcalf says:

    My favorite is the original Kentucky Fried Chicken. Thanks.

  191. Brad Merrell says:

    Nothing beats the original

  192. Carolyn Daley says:

    I love the Crispy Strips.

  193. I love their Extra Crispy!

  194. I love the grilled.

  195. Danielle S. says:

    original recipe boneless

  196. Buddy Garrett says:

    Original Recipe is my favorite.

  197. Lisa Fonseca says:

    I’ve always loved extra crispy.

  198. James Coyne says:

    I like the originial recipe

  199. Original recipe is my favorite.

  200. I like their original recipe.

  201. Extra Crispy Is Best !!!

  202. Extra Crispy.

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