K-Mart – Double the Fun, Double the Confusion

Are they doubling coupons? Where in the world (or the US) are they doubling????!!!! Last week my ad said that the store by me was doubling but a reader told me that a cashier had told her it wasn’t true. Hmmm! Well, one reader confirmed St. John, IN was doubling this week from 1/18 – 1/24/09 and the online ad confirms it. Check out the ad here and let us know if you can confirm deny if your store is doubling. Please tell me which state you’re in.

If you’re featured, you’re in luck – Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2!!! That means if you have a $2 coupon, it will take $4 off your purchase.

The other great thing is that if you sign up here to receive Kmart emails, you’ll get a $5 coupon to use in store. It’s after a purchase of $50, but it’s my belief that you can use this coupon before your manufacturer’s. Here are a few rules… Coupons up to $2 will be doubled. No overage will be given. Only 4 of the same coupon may be used per transaction. Limit of 75 coupons per customer per day. No printable coupons will be accepted. It says only certain stores are participating so check if yours is before heading out. It should automatically take it off at the register. Please call your K-Mart before heading out!

If they are doubling here’s what you can get, thanks to HCW!


  1. I was at KMart in St. John, Indiana on Sunday and they are doubling coupons. The disclaimer has has limit of 25 per day, no internet coupons, and the save $5 coupon states that it is after all coupons, so I couldn’t use it (this time).

  2. I was at the Griffith, IN KMart on Sunday and they are doubling coupons. All the rules that were posted apply.

  3. Cindy's paradise says:

    I was in the Kmart in Homewood, IL last week, and they were doubling. I’m not sure when it ends.

  4. I can 100% confirm that k-mart in laporte, IN is doubling coupons up to $3!! you are limited to 25 per customer, per day. the sale is going on through Saturday. I went today and got $140 worth of stuff for $50. I am planning on going back before the weeks over to take advantage of this fantastic deal!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Valparaiso and Chesterton Indiana stores are also doubling through Saturday. I went and got $120 worth for $72, not as good as erin in LaPorte, but I was happy. My hair dye was only 1.99!

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