Just a Thunk!

I was sitting and thinking this morning and I had a thought – How many of you are still not doing WAGS/CVS deals? Do you think it’s too hard? Why don’t you do them? (Unless you live too far) I am passionate about seeing ya’ll save those hard earned dollars and it made me wonder who’s not and why?

Just a thunk! You can leave me a comment if you have a mo!


  1. Becky and Joe says:

    I do CVS, but not Walgreens. The CVS is in my town, but Wags is in the next town. It is close to Target and Aldi, so I could combine shopping there with other stops. But I have had problems with rude cashiers refusing to let me use the coupons, etc. I just stick close to home and get what I need at CVS. The folks at my CVS have been super nice and helpful.

  2. Farrah Warren says:

    Hey Clair!

    As a homeschooling mother of 4, I don't have time to do the legwork that it requires to get the best deals at CVS & Wags. So I want to thank you SO much for all you do to help our family "live well." I check in daily and you are such a blessing to me! My most recent find is at CVS. Huggies Natural Care 160 ct wipes rang up for $1.62!!! Shelf price was $6.49, but the checker said it wasn't an error. Yah for me! I'm located in Birmingham, Alabama, but maybe it will work for everyone.
    Thanks again!

  3. I’ve caught the Wags RR bug and am able to roll like a pro after just a couple weeks. I haven’t quite taken the CVS leap yet though, not quite sure why, but my brain just hasn’t been able to wrap around that program entirely just yet. I’m sure if I just stop reading up on it and get myself into the store, and start small, I’d be ECBing like a pro in a few weeks or so.

  4. The Queen of Clearance says:

    Im not doing it, because I dont understand all of the Abbreviations everyone uses. I wish some one would explain it to me in simple terms, because I am all about saving money!

  5. Queen of Clearance – Check out my abbreviations here – http://www.mummydeals.org/2008/10/abbreviations.html
    I hope that helps and also my CVS 411

  6. Anonymous says:

    I do the WAGS rr but not the CVS. CVS is 40 min’s away but i did apply for the card and now get emails and got a coupon.
    I don’t do Jewel either, not in my town.

  7. I don’t CVS yet because I live in Northern CA, so the ECB program is not in full effect yet. I used to be a big fan of Wags, but then I realized that I was wasting more money than saving because all I ever bought was whatever is eligible for RRs that week, which always happen to be toothpaste, something I don’t need, or the RR deal wasn’t good enough for me to purchase on other items. Of course I could buy something else I really needed with the RRs but then I couldn’t roll them. It was a pain for me to figure all my scenarios out every week, so now I’m sticking with Rite Aid since I can use a bunch of coupons and still get more money back with SCRs.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am so bummed the CVS stores in California are not doing ECBs now. They say its some kind of test to see how things go with just lower prices. I had just built up $24 ECBs and was planning on rolling them into more ECBs now I can’t it really sucks. I’ve only been to WAGS once to do the RR rolling thing. Its not so close to my house.


  9. I am new to it but I absolutley love it. I spend Sunday mornings going thru Walgreens and CVS and matching with coupons with the deals and got a preferred card at jewel and used my WAG bucks and coupons and saved $65.00. I work full time and didn’t think I had the time and I make the time to save money. I love all your hard work and motivation.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have a love hate relationship with the RR’s cuz if you read the back, dairy is not supposed to be included, and milk was always my goto thing, as we go through about 5 or 6 gallons, a week. ( and no, that’s not the record, we went through a gallon or more a day when my 2 bro’s were teenagers lol) also, depends what the rr’s are for. But the Jewel thing was a lifesaver-thanks clair. your cuz in lawr.

  11. I have been couponin’ for several months and know how to get the best deals, but I’m intimidated by Wags and CVS. I don’t know why, don’t know if i fully understand it all. But when I hear woman say that if they won’t by toothpaste anymore unless its .25 or FREE I want to know more! My husband has been laughing at me because I get so excited. For example I went to Meijer the other day for eggs, walked by the Ritz crackers which were on sale for 2/$5 with a coupon on the shelf for $1 so they were 2/$3, then the jello was by 3 get $3 for next purchase so I paid for those first and got the crackers FREE!!! I’m working with my church to teach what you have taught me and would love to share the drugstore with them but don’t feel I have a good understanding. Thanks for all you hard work I so appreciate it, being a mom of 2 and owning my own business, life gets CRAZY!

  12. I do the CVS deals every week because my CVS is right across the street from church and on Sunday’s it opens as church is letting out. So the shelves are always full and thanks to the mummydeals email on Thursdays, I’ve already got my list and coupons at the ready. I’m in and out in just a few minutes with my freebies! I have not done WAGS RRs quite as much because I always somehow mess it up and don’t end up getting the deals. It is a little more intimidating, with too many restrictions. CVS is always friendly and the cashiers are even ECB helpful! I started out learning one just store and learning it well, before now branching out to others such as Jewel and Meijer. We’ve saved ridiculous money on food at a store I never would shop before because it was always too expensive!! Now I just use my WAGS RRs at Jewel. Thanks Claire!! you rock!

  13. The people at my Wags give me all kinds of problems just trying to use a coupon, I can just imagine what they would do if I was trying to roll RR’s! I might try it and see what they do. But if they always come up with some reason why they can’t honor my coupons, then I won’t go through the hassle. It just seems like they treat me like I’m robbing them.

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