Jewel Deals 6/11 – 6/17/09

There’s a cracking deal going on at Jewel right now that I’m trying to wrap my mind around! It’s early and the coffee hasn’t sunk in yet!!!

It’s on General Mills, Coke, and Unilever products 6/4-6/17.
Spend $25 get $10 on your next order,
Spend $15 get $5
Spend $10 get $2
The best thing about it as normal with Jewel is that it’s off shelf prices which are even lower with your preferred card! Before heading out, check out these coupons. Thanks, Nicole!

Carli’s GREAT deal idea that requires NO Coupons!
Buy 4 Breyers Ice Cream
Total $12
Receive $10 Catalina back – That is 0.50 cents each!!!

Deal Idea:
1 x Breyers $3
2 x Suddenly Salad $1.25
1 x All detergent $4.50
3 x chex mix $1.66
Use $1 Breyers RP 5/17/09
Use $1 Suddenly Salad SS 5/17/09 and $.40 here
Use $1.5o off All RP 5/10/009
Use $.50 off Chex Mix here and $1/2 from SS 6/7/09
Receive $10 catalina
Final Price: I honestly think this is a $.42 moneymaker but of course my math may be off!!!!

Deal Idea:
Cheerios, 8.9 oz box x 7
Regular price $26.53, sale price $14.
Use $.55 here. I think you can print 2.
Use $1/3 SS 5/17/09
Receive $10 catalina
Final Price: $1.90

Deal Idea:
Betty Crocker 13×9 Fudge Brownies x 10
$25 regular price, $15 sale price
Receive $5 catalina
Final Price: $10
Deal Idea:
4 Ragu
2 Suddenly Salad
2 Breyers
$1 Breyers RP 5/17/09 and $.75 Breyer RP 5/17/09
$1 Suddenly Salad SS 5/17/09
$1/2 and $.75/2 Ragu RP 5/17/09
Receive $10 catalina
Final Price: $0.95

Unadvertised Deals

I spotted the Physician’s Formula MIRs, the Sure MIR, and the Pert MIR at Jewel.

New to Jewel? Check this out first!
To obtain coupons, you can check out my coupon bar here.
There is also a great service where you can buy coupons for super cheap. Check it out here.

Gathering deals for the Grocery Gathering.


  1. Preppy Little Dress says:

    Wow…this information is awesome, putting all the coupons together. So cool! Thanks for the info!

  2. Preppy Little Dress says:

    Question for you, or anyone for that matter – I am looking at Jewel's flyer and it shows the buy $25 or more and get $10. My question is how does the $25.00 get calculated? On the before Jewel perferred price? Or based off the Jewel preferred price? If someone could answer, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  3. preppy Little Dress – it's BEFORE the preffered price. See the top of the post, that's the AWESOME thing! yeeeeeeeeeeeeehah!

  4. Preppy Little Dress says:

    Thanks Clair, I just got back from Jewel [Wheaton – Danda location] and it is $25.00 after the preferred savings is taken into consideration. I checked with the mgr. 1st and she said the registers were doing it $25.00 on the original price back when the detergent/paper towel – or whatever combo was in the past, but now it has to be $25.00 @ the jewel savings! Bummer, I was able to combine everything to come up with exactly $25.00

    6 – cheerios [$2.00/ech.]
    2 – salad pastas [$1.25 ech.]
    4 – Betty Crocker frosting [$1.50 ech.]
    3 – Bisquick [$1.50]
    Subtotal – w/Jewel savings card $25.00
    less – coupons brought my total to $17.69, plus the $10.00 catalina made my total a mere $7.69! Not bad! Just wish our sales tax wasn't so high! ha! ha!

  5. Be Careful – Jewel has 3 prices – Shelf Price, Sale Price and Preferred Card Price – so the deal is running off the Sale Price – so if you do the Brownies as listed – you will not get a $10 Cat – You will only get a $5 Cat – The Brownies are on sale for 4/$9 = 2.25 Each. So – I would suggest – ringing up your order before scanning your preferred card to make sure you reach $25 and many of the items are on sale and actually are ringing up cheaper than listed. Scan your items – reach $25 dollars and then scan your preferred card price – then you know for sure you reached your $25 dollars. You don't have much recourse if you don't get the right Cat as you are going against the ad that clearly says when using your preferred card. One of the best deals is – Buy 4 Breyers Ice Cream – Total $12 and get $10 Cat back – That is 0.50 cents each (without coupons!)

  6. Preppy Little Dress – the managers do NOT know that this runs off Shelf/Sale Price – and they will always tell you that it runs off preferred card price – go buy 4 Breyers Ice-Cream and I guarentee that you will get your $10 Catalina (I have now done that one 3 times). I have done this already 10 different times and it has worked on the shelf/sale prices and not the preferred card.

    On a separate note – If one of your coupons does not scan – do not let them type it in as -Grocery as this will lower your overall purchase price and will not trigger your expected coupon – It must say scanned coupon. Just a FYI.

  7. Preppy Little Dress says:

    Carli – thank you so much for your advise, I will definitely try that tomorrow. I need some ice cream for all the A&W I bought, ha! ha! Thanks, I am still learning! From now on I will get to the $25.00 and then give them my card, followed by my coupons and will make sure the coupon is scanned! Thanks, you rock!

  8. oceanseeker says:

    Tried this deal at Albertson's which is owned by Jewel or the other way around. Anyway. It didn't work 🙁 Love this website. Keep the deals coming.

  9. Frugal Desi says:

    There is anothet amazing deal starting yesterday and going through this week on Conagra and dannon products.
    Dannon-Conagra deals

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